In my work I choose analyse Mercedes Portugal. Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer, a multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG. The brand is known for luxury automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. The headquarters of Mercedes-Benz is in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Mercedes was a creation of the fusion between Benz & Company and Daimler in 1924 and is considered the first car company in Germany and in the world.

Mercedes Portugal use for his online expression two channels of social networks: Facebook and YouTube. They use this channels to show all the events that they are involved and the new products (the only product that they promote in the social networks is the strength of the brand: the luxury automobiles).

The target audience of Mercedes in the social media is people that have an age between 20’s and 40’s and included inside of the lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class.. With the new segments that they created in 2010 (new classes of cars- GLA class, for example) they start an investment in the social media to attract persons with a lowest age than the usual for the brand.

Justification for the choices

The first justification to choose this brands is because I like cars and I appreciate this two German brands. I choose analyse Mercedes because it will be interesting verify how a big car brand with an irrevocable value than like Mercedes can be influenced in her business with the social media impact. I choose also Audi because, than like BMW, is a real competitor, belonging in the same market than them. It will be interesting analyse what is the way that this two real competitors look for the social media and what they make to distinguish of the competitor. Other reason for my choice is to try understand how much interesting can be the social network for the automotive world.



With the perceptual map, we can see than Mercedes and Audi are in the same market, with high price and high quality associated to them although Mercedes have a more restricted position than Audi. With this perceptual map we can say that make sense do a comparison between the two grands.


One of the biggest competitors in the market against Mercedes is Audi. Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury automobiles. Audi oversees worldwide operations from its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Audi was created by August Horch, after he leaved the first creation of him, called Horch, because of divergences with the directors of the company, and start other project.

Audi Portugal use the same the channels than Mercedes: YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube Audi work in a similar way than Mercedes, they want to show the products and the events that they are involved, but on Facebook Audi have some different vision of Mercedes. They use Facebook to show what they make, to show the new products but also to stay close to the public, producing events to provide for the general public experiences with the best cars that they produce.  For Audi, the main objective is not just the people talk about them but also that the people live close to the brand.

The target audience of Audi it will be very similar than Mercedes: people with age between 20’s and 40’s and included inside of the lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class.

Comparison and analysis of the social media

To compare Mercedes Portugal and Audi Portugal I will use the two possible channels: Facebook and YouTube.


To make an analysis about the Facebook page of Mercedes Portugal and Audi Portugal I will use the Likealyzer.

According to the webpage the evaluation of Mercedes was:

  • Like rank: 48
  • Likes: 380027
  • PTAT: 1966
  • Likes, Comments & Shares per post: 792
  • Posts per type: Photos: 66.7% Videos: 33.3%

For Audi the evaluation of Likealyzer was:

  • Like rank: 75
  • Likes: 207 113
  • PTAT: 9506
  • Likes, Comments & Shares per post: 1954
  • Posts per type: Photos: 66.7% Videos: 12.5% Share:20.8%

With the data of Likealyzer we can conclude Mercedes Portugal is not using all the Facebook potential. We can see that Mercedes can attract more attention than Audi Portugal (we just need to look for the likes number) but with this like rank they stay in worst position than the average in cars (Like rank: 58) and, in this way, they are clearly loosing for the competitors, especially Audi Portugal, that is doing a better job in this part. The both of the brands have a negative evaluation for the PTAT tax that means that they are not very engage with the followers. Is understandable for this type of industry and for the market position that the both have it, but Audi stay in the same way working clearly better than Mercedes. For Mercedes Facebook is only an information spot to put some information for the public, we can see this because of the percentage of Shares that they have (0%) and for Audi is something more than this.


From YouTube, we can see about Mercedes Portugal:

  • Subscribers: 816
  • Visualizations: 1541057
  • Last activity: 2 weeks ago
  • Joined in: 17/11/2009


About Audi Portugal on YouTube we can see:

  • Subscribers: 486
  • Visualizations: 1276825
  • Last activity: 1 day ago
  • Joined in: 18/02/2014

Although have around a half of the subscribers of Mercedes Portugal, Audi Portugal is doing a better job in this channel also. In 11 months they made almost the same number of visualizations than Mercedes in more than 6 years. We can say Mercedes is not really active in YouTube and do not use all the possible potential in this channel.

With this analysis we conclude that Mercedes Portugal although have social networks they are not using in a right way. Although this type of industry do not need a special high intensity and high care with the social networks do not make sense have this type of channels so stagnant.

Although one good part of the target market are not included in this target audience, Mercedes need to start to look for the social networks in a different way because in some years is possible that the social networks earn more interest for all the society (the young people today will be the aged people of tomorrow).

List of recommendations for Mercedes

There are some advices that can be given to Mercedes Portugal for the improvement of Mercedes Portugal. In this moment, the things that Mercedes are doing inside of the social networks is not enough for the visibility and reputation that the brand have in the market.

  • Use more efficiently the channels that they have: This is the probably the most important advice that they need to receive. Mercedes Portugal is clearly stagnant when we talk about the social networks. They have the right type of channels for the type of industry that they are inside, but if the brand want that the people talk about them, they need to do something more.
  • Divulgation via social networks the events that they want to do: On Facebook, this can be the most interesting type of thing that they can do. They can have a position closer to the public that use social networks and try to explore this facility to make the target public know when and where there are some type of activity (car-testing, for example), especially for the young target audience because they create a segment with lower prices than the usual to attract some of this target audience so, in this way make sense publicize this type of events using the best way inside a developed country.
  • Show something more about what happen in the Mercedes world: A good way to use the YouTube it will be the possibility of the Mercedes Portugal channel show something more about the Mercedes world. What they are developing, show the evolution of the Mercedes, how they are thinking about the future. This can be possible with a partnership with the general Mercedes channel.
  • Use the surprise factor to interact in the social network: Before something new appear in the market they can try use this factor to activate the social networks and try to put some more public interest in the new product in the market. This can be a good way to make some more interaction with the two social networks and to start to develop Facebook more than an information spot to put some basic information.


Number of words – 1440

Nelson Marques