Galantom vs. JustGiving

Social Media Audit


Galantom is an online platform which helps people of good will to raise funds for NGO projects that bring change in the community.

The vision of Galantom is to bring a change in the society by facilitating people’s contribution to social changes.

The mission of this online platform is to increase the impact and visibility of the projects run by the organizations that have the purpose of changing the comunity. Moreover, the goal is to promote the people who voluntarily take part in fundraising and friendraising for the causes they believe in.

The users are generically called ‘Galantomi’. A ‘Galantom’ is a generous person, willing to help other people without expecting any material benefits. The purpose of Galantom is the creation of a community that could bring together the NGOs and generous people.

How works? A nonprofit asks their most passionate supporters to fundraise on their behalf. Then, the fundraisers reach out their network of friends and family. Afterwards, the friends and family give to a nonprofit through a peer’s personalized fundraising page.

Apart from their website – (the platform where people make the donations), communicates its initiatives and projects through other online channels:

The purpose of using these channels is to promote the projects or the events they organize, as well as increasing the number of users on the platform.

Their target are the organizations or the people who aim to do a change in the society through certain social projects, and to make crowdfunding more accessible to a large amount of people, especially people from a young and middle age, people who work in various fields. Also, within their target segment, they have people who dedicate their free time to social causes and to volunteering activities.

The Social Media links are displayed on their main website, in the left part of the screen. The buttons are present not only on the home page, but whatever category of the page is accessed. This feature makes it very easy for the visitors to connect to the platform on different channels.

I chose this platform because I find very interesting the idea of crowdfunding. Even if the concept is not so new worldwide, in Romania, my home country,  it is starting to get more and more popular. I believe that what it is interesting about Galantom is to see how this kind of platforms communicate in online, because I wanted to see how they chose to promote this concept or idea on a certain market, their interactivity degree and, of course, which strategy did they prefer in order to increase their awareness.


JustGiving is the world’s social platform for giving. JustGiving is a website that lets you set up personal fundraising pages to collect donations.

For example, JustGiving is often used for sponsored events like marathons or bicycle rides but you can also collect donations that are not sponsorship.

Their mission is to ensure that no great cause goes unfunded. As they say, the platform have helped people in 164 countries and they raised over $3.3 billion for good cause since the year they have been founded – 2001.

They guide their activity following certain principles, like:

  • Innovation – they believe of themselves as being the R&D team for every cause in the world. They want to create more intelligent and powerful ways of connecting causes with people who care, which are open to everyone and every cause, however small.
  • Profit and Good – the tech-for-good profile of their company is illustrated by the fact that they charge a fee, all of which is re-invested into building innovative new tools to make giving better for everyone.
  • Doing the decent thing – They guarantee to their users that their data will not be shared with anyone without their permission, or try to ‘upsell’ other services on the back of people’s generosity.

It is really simple to set up a JustGiving page. The user has only to register and create a basic page. Also, the users have multiple options to personalize their page with photos, videos and text.

The channels used by are the following:


The reason for which I chose JustGiving for the comparison with Galantom is because both of them are crowdfunding platforms. JustGiving isn’t maybe a direct competitor for Galantom (because JustGiving has worldwide awareness), but its results make it definitly worth looking at, especially when it comes about the way they communicate in order to achieve their goals. Moreover, JustGiving has a longer history, it has been launched since 2001, according to So, I thought it would be interesting to investigate which element do they have in common, considering the fact that their target audience partially overlaps.


Compared to, JustGiving has fewer social media links on their main website. The channels they use are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. For all of them, there are buttons in the lower part of the website. As, the users can access the buttons for different channels no matter what website section you access.


In order to analyze and, I choose two channels: Facebook and Twitter.

  1. For a better understanding of the social media direction and strategy of these two platforms on Facebook, I choose Likealyzer.

Both of then are ranked slightly below the average in the Community (Galantom – 54) and Cause (JustGiving – 65) sections. According to this analyze, both platforms are dealing really well with the informations they provide about their website. Both of them though, are lacking milestones (though Galantom has 2 already). Also, while Galantom has only 9 pages liked, JustGiving has more than 10, which means that they are linked to pages from the same area of interest, like Go Dad Run ( for example. Considering the number of likes, there are there are signifficant differences, but both platforms have a reasonable number of likes (Galantom – 3,616, JustGiving – 249,350). Also when regarding the pages performance, both pages have to improve the rate of people talking about them and the engagement rate. While comparing to the number of page likes they have, the engagement rate is quite low, 2,13% for Galantom and 1,31% for JustGiving. Moreover, while both of them seem to have a good post variety, Galantom doesn’t post so often as the other platform, with only four posts per week, compared to posting on a daily basis, as JustGiving does. There are some differencies regarding the the lenght of the posts too, because Galantom’s posts are too short (<100 characters) and JustGiving’s posts are too long (100-500 characters). Also, the timing seems to be slightly off for Glantom (that publishes posts between 15-18) and way off for JustGiving (they post bestween 18-21) compared to the period that engages the most users: 12-15. Furthermore, the rate of likes, comments and shares for every post is low compared to how many likes these pages have (only 12 for Galantom and 198 for JustGiving). The interactivity degree is low too, both facebook pages don’t ask questions to their fans. Galantom uses hashtags though, while JustGiving doesn’t.

The second channel in Social Media I chose is Twitter. The tool I used is

While Galantom joined Twitter in 2013, JustGiving has been on Twitter since 2007, and this could be one of the reasons that makes their number of tweets to be so different (Galantom – 520, Just Giving – 10,380). Moreover, it is a big difference in the number of followers and the pages they follw too. While Galantom is following 5 pages and is followed by 16, JustGiving is following 2719 pages and is followed by 104481 people. Furthermore, while Galantom has used only one hashtag, JustGiving has used plenty.

When it comes about tweets analysis, the rate of replies is low for both platforms, Galantom has 0/100 and JustGiving has 6/100 and the situations repeats itself while measuring the rate of retweets (0/100, 8/100).

Significant differences appear when talking about the tweets with mentions (2/100 – Galantom, 52/100 – JustGiving), tweets with hashtags (2/100 – Galantom, 64/100 – JustGiving) and tweets with media (0/100 – Galantom, 56/100 – JustGiving). Another difference is that, according to the emoticons used, Galantom seem to have a more positive attitude than JustGiving, who has a neutral one.


The content of the tweets published by Galantom are related to charity and crowdfunding and their main purpose is to promote their own events. JustGiving has similar topics, but also posts related to current events that are interesting for their target (e.g. David Bowie’s death).


Recommendations for Galantom:

  • Galantom should choose another timing for their posts on Facebook. A 12-15 interval would be an interesting thing to try, as well as posting daily, in order to increase the page engagement.
  • For increasing people’s engagement, Galantom should make users more aware of their activity, not only by publishing articles about their events and other international crowdfunding platforms similar initiatives, but also by posting infographics. Therefore, the information would be very clear and delivered in a simple, appealling way. Moreover, posting small movies would incease the interactivity of the page, too.
  • Another suggestion is to invest in sponsored posts on Facebook, especially the ones reffering to their own projects.
  • Also, another way to engage more people on the Facebook page would be asking them questions about things from their interest area, like what they thing about a new project idea that Galantom has, for example.
  • Also, posting more often on Twitter would make Galantom have more followers. For example, their last tweet is from 22rd of December 2015, and, in order to improve their awareness, they should post daily.