Introduction (Rafael Rodriguez Diaz)

I choose these companies to work, because is interesting to know about that. Nowadays this business model it is fashion so the concept low cost in the companies of airlines is growing and is a way of survival.

The main reason why I choose it is that it is from my study area of business management and I would like to work in a kind of company that their methods given a good image in social media. Therefore my main goal will be to give a good image about the strategy in social media of my company, although it is offering a service low cost.


Ryanair was founded in 1985 by Anthony Ryan, one of the most influential people of Irish aviation. At present, it is Europe’s largest low cost of 44 bases and more than 1000 routes. It operates more than 1,600 flights per day (500,000 per year) through low-fare routes connecting 180 destinations in 29 countries and operates a fleet of 800 aircraft. It has a staff of more than 9,000 professionals; it carries more than 81.5 million passengers.


The overall target company is any European person between 15 and 65 who want or need to travel by air at reduced prices, giving up certain comforts that can offer other airlines. Therefore, the users’ own characteristics Ryanair do not depend on social class, or residence, or age.


Ryanair’s objective is become the leader with low-fares through their program passenger airline across continued improvements and expanded offerings of its low-fare service.


  • Unified fleet. The planes are designed with the maximum capacity allowed to cover the largest possible number of seats.
  • Flights from point to point. Offer compensation for delays, handling luggage transfer, adjusts the operation, etc. expenses are low cost carriers such as Ryanair unwilling to take.
  • Save on fuel. For years accumulate complaints from drivers who warn of pressures suffered by the directors of the company may limit fuel reserves in flight. Another method of the company to save on fuel is to command your pilots traveling slower.
  • Flight personnel. Some people claim that Ryanair does not give very good treatment of its employees. Ryanair hired through a temp agency.
  • Free advertising. In the words of the manager “No matter what kind of advertising, no matter who is right or wrong, the important thing is to talk about you.”
  • Minimizing distribution costs. To reduce distribution fees and expenses the company does not use intermediaries to sell tickets.
  • Maximizing the use of its assets. “Airline is that a ground plane does not make money”.
  • Operational savings. Ryanair generally operates at secondary airports.


Vueling was born in July 2004 with a fleet of two Airbus320 four routes and aim to offer customers at competitive prices with excellent service. Nine years later, Vueling operates more than 250 routes in 117 cities in Europe, Middle East and Africa, has 16 operational bases and has transported over 70 million passengers. Moreover, it is the leader in the Barcelona-El Prat Company.


The overriding objective is to cover the largest market share addressing all ranges of age or social class belonging. For it offers a low price that its target is not defined as providing quality customer service, but offer price lower than he can find in the airline market.


Vueling objective is that in 2014 Barcelona will become the leading airline in Europe for connections. The consolidation of Barcelona as a destination for tourism and business is primarily necessary. So it intended to enhance its airport to place it among the busiest in Europe. This plan seeks to achieve the objective penetrating the market through a strategy based on price.


  • Mentality change. Vueling has been instrumental in changing the segment ‘low cost’ for a new, more service-oriented and quality categories: ‘smart-cost’
  • The size does matter. Exponential growth is merely the quantitative reflection of a more complex evolution characterized by innovation, by questioning the dominant conventions and an ongoing effort to be close to customers. The merger with Clickair was a fact which came to win a Vueling largest in its fleet. But not only that, they doubled their market share in breaking through the Prat (T1).
  • Passion team, key to success. The question that the company was formulated to implement their strategy was: what can we do new, better, different and that is attractive and useful to our customers? They responded to it with the following response: coon the latest generation of low-emission Airbus, extended range, Wi-Fi connectivity and a more comfortable interior configuration. All this means putting the 5 senses of the client company


Twitter YES YES
Instagram YES YES
Facebook YES YES
Google+ YES YES
Youtube YES YES
Linked In YES YES
Forums YES YES
Vine NO NO




RYANAIR 205.244 616.570 41.681 8.015
VUELING 221.884 645.746 22.625 1.750


As the above analysis, the study should focus on the major social networks of the moment. We can guess that Ryanair is doing aggressive marketing campaigns from the past. When the company began operations, the main strategy was not spending much of their investment in the field of social networks. But because of its impact, Ryanair decided to use them and because of this has been catching up with its main competitor, Vueling.You can see that Vueling has more followers on Facebook and Twitter, but very close to the figure of the Irish airline. As YouTube and Instagram, the advantage is evident Ryanair and significantly higher. As we can see, the presence of both companies occurs in the main social networks that exist at the time and that the company uses daily. They are massive social networks that bring together large numbers of followers, assuming this an advantage for companies as they can offer and show their range of products and services through platforms that are today followed by the majority of your target audience.

Another topic that we have to take is LIKEALYZER:

An argument for this company can be that Ryanair has made a better research, execution and measure to use the social media rather than Vueling. Likealyzer show that Ryanair has a score of 70 out of 100. One could think that Vueling knows that they also have the same  target group, so almost all are on Facebook, this could have led Vueling to the conclusion that because their target group already is on Facebook, therefore Vueling don’t have to do a lot of endeavor in order to get the target group as followers on Facebook. The results that Likealyzer show: Vueling’s ranking is 83 out of 100.

Recommendations for Ryanair 

  1. Ryanair is changing the tide of bad corporate image left in the past. This is because an arrogant policy pursued by the CEO. The company realized it and tried to improve the corporate image.For it has made changes to its web-site, also it has created mobile applications that facilitate the purchase of the ticket and boarding billing.Therefore, in this area should continue in the same line, that is, it is focusing on customer service and if it is possible to maintain prices knowledge that until now has. ·
  2. Another way to further capture fans and power and to conduct a more aggressive marketing campaign and be seen by more people, we can say that Ryanair has to draw a competitive advantage from their superiority followers on Instagram so that they become members Facebook also. In this way, Ryanair is positioned above Vueling Likes regarding his followers. ·
  3.  On the other hand, improved service response in Twitter could conduct a customer interaction and cause it to become a loyal customer and always keep in mind the possibility of traveling with our company.
  4.  If you want to be successful with your social media plan, stop random acts of hash taggingand use a good hashtag to tie all of the pieces of your campaign together
  5. Despite improved understanding of having to show a responsible company image so that consumers do not leave it aside their services. A Ryanair has much to improve.Enhance its position in LikeAnalyzer act quickly and effectively before comments could damage the image, open the range of social networks (Vine), are some of the goals that the airline should consider whether you want to continue to win customers and thus profits. 

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