Webinar log

By Paulius Bakaitis

Lecturer: Prof Dr Ana Adi

VIVES, 2016


Q: Why is social media important for companies?

well social media is a great tool for people to talk about a certain businesses and give reviews, opinions, etc. and when there is no designated profile of a business online it raises suspicious questions, makes business seem to hide from view, however a business profile with active customer service makes company seem more trustworthy.

Q: Why do you think the EU has tougher regulation on internet cookies?

EU has higher policies and regulations on internet privacy in general as they (EU) believe that the information that is provided by an individual should be kept in his control.

Web 1.0 Read-only type of internet media consumption when everything is written by a certain party, not users

Web 2.0 Users get to ineract with internet back and forth as well as with producers

Web 3.0 The semantic web analysis YOU by your activity, likes, etc. to provide personalized service to end user


Media – a channel of information through different means

Mass media – extremely wide channel of information by most of the means for reaching end receiver

Digital media – a channel of information based in technological devices

Social media – a channel of information between individuals put together on a platform

Social networking – connections between individuals.


Evolution of the web: I think that a slow beginning for this evolution was due to technology constrains and difficulties setting up internet. As technology progressed, it became easier to go online thus improving the reachability, accessability of the internet. We can see that since year 2008 to today there has been way more progress than at any period before.


Social media landscape: I recognize twitter, facebook, hangouts, messenger, whatsapp, viber, snapchat, I think I have heard of kik, Tumblr, pinterest, wikipedia, wordpress (just now), linked in, tinder, reddit, github, youtube, soundcloud, intagram, vine, imgur. I actively use facebook, whatsapp, tumblr, wikipedia, reddit, youtube, soundcloud, imgur.


Mac vs PC: This more of a style and lifestyle choice at this point and would depend on what do you do on the computer rather than which machine is better for doing the same stuff. Internet battle between mac and PC has started since pretty much it was possible to comment and nowadays just turned into trolling and useless trashposting (excuse my language).


The bigger platform the better

Well that would be true if the only reason to use it would be to find and connect with people. But for different purposes there are social media websites specifically designed to be used in a specific way. Example: Linked in – professional, Tumblr – expression, blogging and so on.


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