• Air France is in the air

In this project I am going to explain the structure and the communication strategy of the airlines company, Air France.

Air France, founded in 1933, is the main French airline. Its main activities are passenger transport, cargo and maintenance and servicing of aircraft. It serves major French airports and many overseas airports. Its main mapping platform is located at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport with which it has many operating agreements.

The company is part of the group privatized Air France-KLM and is a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance.

I love this company because it is a company with a lots of services such as beverage service include in the price of the ticket. The planes are comfortable, spacious, and clean. It is the most popular airline company in France.

In its cost-cutting strategy, Air France has greatly increased the productivity of its aircraft, increasing the number of daily / monthly rotations. This allowed the Company to offload almost 30 short and medium haul aircraft.

Here you are the evolution of the Air France’s logo.



The communication for this kind of company is very important.

The Communications Service serves the company’s strategy. Through its communication plan, it aims to put together, promote and convey the company’s messages to its employees, customers, shareholders, the media and the general public.

What are the new commercial offers?  Which message should be showcased in the next publicity campaign? What is the company’s strategy? How can round-the-clock information about Air France be given? All questions for which “Communications” should have the answer.


Air France communications professionals form a vast network working within the Communications Division or within operational divisions (Commercial, Maintenance, Cargo, etc.)

There are many areas of activity :

  • Press Relations
  • Advertising
  • Brand management
  • Creation of audio-visual content (reports, photos)
  • Writing of articles, speeches, etc.
  • Public Relations
  • Partnership development and event organisation
  • Social media

Air France use to communicate on internet some channels like :


This channels are available on the official website of Air France. We can find Air France on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest.

The professions practised form an extensive and hugely diverse fabric, from communication reaching out to a wide public (internal communication, customer communication) to a more specialised communication (financial communication, technical communication, etc). Some of the professions involved are: Community Manager, Press Attaché, Copywriter, Webmaster, Computer Graphics Specialist, Photographer, Advertising Manager, etc.

The airline company Air France-KLM mainly targeting businessmen, often enrolled in loyalty programs (personally or through their company). Air France-KLM thus has targeted heart of affluent clients with high retention rates. However, the market leader for years, Air France-KLM is now suffering from increased competition with the emergence of low cost carriers and new airlines (including Asian and Arabic Emirates). It therefore attempts to expand this preset target, addressing a younger target, trying to revitalize its image and offering lower prices and more adequate services.

Air France-KLM is a specialist business trip. It communicates years on values such as comfort, experience journey, a relationship – close and careful customer and quality service. It can therefore qualify as high-end company.

The company staff is trained to respect and perpetuate these values and the Air France-KLM principles. No bend the rules is permitted, whether in uniform – especially created for the company by fashion designer Christian Lacroix, the formulas for receptions or music punctuating the takeoffs and landings of airplanes of the company (the piano Concerto No. 23 of Mozart)

The Uniform




  • Justification of my chosen subject

I have chosen this subject because Air France is an airline company I like.

Furthermore, Air France attract customers through innovative offerings, offer an attentive and personalized relationship and loyalty with quality service, are major objectives of marketing teams and corporate business.

They work daily to develop and implement appropriate responses to customer needs, developing products and services to operations aftermarket.

Being able to differentiate and enhance our services is a major challenge.

Air France is known and recognized worldwide for its ever growing network, its excellent service to the customer, and investment in digital innovation and high growth potential activities.

To best meet the needs of all its customers, Air France offers a complete range of services adapted to each to facilitate the travel of all passengers, whatever their situation. It implements customized services and offers of assistance.

The Company invests heavily in the development of innovative products and services. The facilities offered by the internet and mobile telephony continue to multiply: e-services, boarding passes on mobile phones, biometric border crossing. The remote services and promoting mobility continue to grow.


  • Description of the competitor of my subject


Today, Air France is facing a new competitive landscape.

Thus, the classical competition from airlines, was added in the medium-haul market, low-cost companies and long-haul sector, the companies Gulf and emerging Asian countries.

In addition, on short domestic routes, Air France is also exposed to rail competition since the opening of the TGV in France. The establishment and development projects of a rail network trans-European high speed will naturally expand the scope of rail competition in all European short routes of Air France.

Faced with this multifaceted competition, constantly innovating Air France, KLM offering an extensive network built around two powerful hubs, products in line with customer expectations through excellence of services, in a strict control framework costs and environmental friendliness.

More generally, Air France has competitors such as:





-Air Asia

This competitors are using the same channels as Air France in general (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram).


  • Justification of my choice of competitor include a perceptual map to support your justification)


The main competitor for Air France, in France is EasyJet.

Indeed, EasyJet is a British airline. On 1 July 2015, it is the second European company in number of passengers carried. In France, EasyJet is the second airline behind Air France.

I have chosen this competitor because there is a direct competition between Air France and EasyJet. Furthermore, in France, when you want to flight you only have the choice between this 2 companies.

Here you can see the perceptual map of the aviation market:



This is a global perceptual map of the aviation market but EasyJet is for Air France in France the direct competitor.


  • Comparison and analysis


For the comparison and analysis of the social media using between Air France and EasyJet I choose the Facebook and Twitter channel.

I choose Facebook and Twitter because according to me, nowadays, it is a showcase for company. With these channels, we can see what the brand do, how popular the brand is…


According to LikeAlyzer we can observe many information about the Facebook page of Air France such as:

  • Page performance – Likes: 5,478,073
  • Posts per day: 0,64
  • Post by Pages – Likes, comments and shares per posts: 2,083
  • Like Rank: 76

According to LikeAlyzer we can also see for EasyJet’s Facebook:

  • Page performance – Likes: 420,081
  • Posts per day: 0.68
  • Post by Pages – Likes, comments and shares per posts: 680
  • Like Rank: 81


By the way, both companies are active on Facebook.

Thanks to LikeAlyzer, we can see that Air France is more effective and followed on Facebook than EasyJet.

Indeed, Air France has 5 478 073 likes and shared about 2,083 contents on its page and EasyJet only 420 081 likes and 680 contents shared.

About the rank, Air France has a better rank than EasyJet with 76.

Paradoxically, the post per day are more recurrent with 0,68 for EasyJet and 0,64 for Air France.

Both pages are updating status on Facebook, photos, offers and contents but Air France manages to surpass EasyJet on Facebook.


Both pages were created in may 2009.

On the Twitter page of Air France we can see this information:



According to TweetReach, the activity of Air France on Twitter is:



On the Twitter page of EasyJet we can see this information:



According to TweetReach, the activity of EasyJet on Twitter is:


Thanks to TweetReach, We can see that the numbers of accounts reached is much more on the Twitter of Air France (171,476) than the Twitter of EasyJet (46,156).

Paradoxically, the Twitter of EasyJet has much more tweets (176k) than Air France (83K).

So, we can say that burger King have more interactions and influence with his posts than Mc Donald’s

ECommerce plays a vital part in the EasyJet and Air France business plan, and is critical to its ongoing success. As a low-cost operation, controlling the cost of doing business is crucial to the airline’s ability to offer low fares. Because the Internet provides the most cost-effective distribution channel, Air France has aggressively pursued its strategy of encouraging passengers to book their seats online, ensuring that 98% of its seats are now sold online.


  • Recommendations


According to my analysis I would say that Air France use methodically and usefully social networks, whether Facebook or Twitter. But also

My first recommendation is for the Facebook page of Air France and would be that it’s a good added value to like other pages on Facebook to share contents with them because Air France on Facebook only likes 6 pages. I would also put more videos and interact with customers. Like for example asking questions to the customers, make a survey to satisfy their needs…

Indeed, communication for Air France is very important. The community manager aims to unite users through Internet platforms around the brand Air France, animate and uphold the ethical rules of the community. It provides information to members of the community and can produce content by users in order to develop the presence of Air France on social networks and the Internet in general.

Furthermore, I would say for Air France on the social media it is very important:

-To animate the actions of the social media field Communication Officers so that they can properly relay and adapt the company’s communication priorities
-Declining social media pages of Air France’s main messages put forward by the Company and to provide relevant information
-To answer questions “corporate” fans and followers
-To react on social media in crisis
-To press to decline each operation on social media
-To develop actions adapted to these new audiences
-To promote proactively Air France to the influencers, bloggers

-Follow journalists and key influencers on various social networks; analyze their relational networks; detect speeches of news of interest and the interests of Air France
-To organize events for internet users

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