SuperBrugsen vs. Netto


1) My chosen subject is the Danish supermarket SuperBrugsen.

SuperBrugsen’s vision is to be sustainable, cost conscious and high-quality as well as having a better service than ordinary.

The mission is to be a venue for good trade, service and social interaction.

SuperBrugsen is not a discount supermarket, so their target group is customers with enough money to not care that they pay a bit more for exactly the same products as they could buy at a discount supermarket. This target group mostly consists of middle-aged or older couples, mainly the woman in the couple, and people with a strong interest for food, as you can find some special or rare products sometimes in SuperBrugsen.

Of online channels they have their own website and Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts, which are all shown on their website.

SuperBrugsen mainly use their online channels to bring a lot of competitions, recipes, cooking videos and different opportunities for customers to get in contact with their closest SuperBrugsen.


2) I have chosen this supermarket as my subject, because it’s the supermarket that my parents use and appreciate the most. This is mainly the reason to why I find it interesting to analyze.

Another reason for my decision of choosing this subject is that I normally don’t think about supermarkets being online, it is not something that I google or search for at Facebook or Instagram myself. So studying this will give new information about online interactions from companies, that other people and I normally don’t associate with social platforms. These are my reasons for my choice of subject.


3) The competitor for my chosen subject is another Danish supermarket, Netto, but this supermarket is one of the discount supermarkets in Denmark, therefore they have a different target group than SuperBrugsen. This target group mostly consists of students, young parents or people who don’t have that much money available. Netto’s mission is to have an attractive store for customers through motivated employees and competitive quality products. This vision is to be the favorite store for customers, employees and suppliers.

Netto have, as SuperBrugsen, their own website, and Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts, also shown on the front page on their website.

Just as SuperBrugsen Netto use their online channels for competitions and to be in contact with their customers, but opposite SuperBrugsen Netto’s mainly use their online channels for advertising for discounts.


4) I think it would be interesting to find out what differences the two supermarkets have in their use of the online media. SuperBrugsen and Netto are direct and tough competitors “in the real world”, so to do research about their competing strategies “in the online world” is very interesting.


5) My chosen channels for the analysis are Facebook and Instagram.

The reason for these choices is because both the subject and the competitor are most active on the social platforms Facebook and Instagram.

My research on Facebook first shows me how many followers each supermarket has.

The 13th of January 2016 Netto has 145.134 followers on their Facebook account.

SuperBrugsen has on the 13th of January 2016 204.655 followers.

This is surprising numbers for me, as my research of the target groups showed that SuperBrugsen has an older target group than Netto. From our lessons in Social Media Marketing and Communication Strategy we know that most users of Facebook are teens, with this information and our knowledge about Netto’s target group we would assume that Netto would have more followers than SuperBrugsen.

There can be different reasons for these surprising numbers.

One reason for this result can be that SuperBrugsen has made a better research, implementation and measurements for their use of the social media compared to Netto. Likealyzer show that SuperBrugsen has a score of 72 out of 100, which is pretty good.

One could imagine that because Netto knows that they have a young target group, who almost all are on Facebook, this could have led Netto to the conclusion that because their target group already is on Facebook, Netto don’t have to do too much effort in order to get the target group as followers on Facebook. Likealyzer do show that Netto’s ranking is 82 out of 100, which is really good and a lot better than SuperBrugsen.

SuperBrugsen on the other side knows that maybe not all of their customers are on the social media platforms so SuperBrugsen needs to make a bigger effort in order to get the customers as followers on Facebook. This strategy has succeeded for SuperBrugsen, as Likealyzer shows that SuperBrugsen has 204,658 likes, whereas Netto only has 145,223 However also shows that SuperBrugsen posts 0,91 per day and have a slightly off timing for their posts. Netto posts 2,08 per day with a perfect timing for their posts, maybe this will mean that Netto in the future will take over SuperBrugsen’s position on Facebook.

Another reason for the numbers from the research of the two Facebook sites is that older people are starting to use Facebook more than the younger generations so even though there are still more young people than older people on Facebook the young people don’t interact as much on this social platform as the newcomers the older people.

SuperBrugsen knows their target group, which is why they have customized their Facebook and Instagram accounts especially to this group of people. SuperBrugsen don’t have all their discounts shown on their front page on Facebook or in their pictures on Instagram, instead they have recipes, competitions and cooking videos, which appeals more to their target group the middle-aged customers.

Netto is on the other side all about their discounts and advertisement flyers on their front page on Facebook and in their pictures on Instagram. The advertisement flyers with the discount is also available in paper and on Netto’s website, which results in a not very effectively use of their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The followers of SuperBrugsen on Facebook and Instagram know that they can find new information and tips and tricks about cooking recipes on these sites, which makes them want to keep following SuperBrugsen on their social platforms. This Strategy is very effectively for SuperBrugsen. Netto’s followers only get competitions and advertisements for discounts, which they can find other places too.

However Netto has 15.200 followers on Instagram, SuperBrugsen only has 1,013 followers. So even though SuperBrugsen has more appropriate content for their target group on their Instagram profil, Netto manages to reach a much bigger audience on this social platform. The reason to this could be that Netto posts more pictures more often on their Instagram, and get around 200-300 likes on each picture too, SuperBrugsen doesn’t post pictures as often as Netto and their pictures don’t get as many likes either, each picture gets around 20-30 likes, which is a big difference to Netto.

Both SuperBrugsen’s and Netto’s content are appropriate for each of their target groups – SuperBrugsen’s food lovers get recipes and cooking videos.

Netto’s discount lovers get advertisements and discounts. This show that both supermarkets know how to use the social platforms Facebook and Instagram well, however improvements could be done to help sort out the smaller details such as Netto’s less interesting content on the front page o Facebook compared to SuperBrugsen’s content and SuperBrugsen’s less liked Instagram compared to Netto’s.


6) As a result of the comparison and a reading of this  article: “Facebook has spread like an infectious disease but we are slowly becoming immune to its attractions, and the platform will be largely abandoned by 2017, say researchers at Princeton University (pdf)” the first recommendation to improve SuperBrugsen’s online activity is to put more focus on their Instagram profile. The Instagram profile is the only social platform where their competitor Netto surpasses SuperBrugsen. The recommendation is to start posting more often at more relevant hours and even start posting different pictures than just nice-looking dishes, which are SuperBrugsen’s main pictures on their Instagram profile right now (January 2016). Good-looking food pictures only appeal to SuperBrugsen’s food loving target group, and SuperBrugsen should instead try to reach a bigger audience.

The second recommendation to SuperBrugsen is to get their many followers from Facebook moved to their Instagram profile, this will improve SuperBrugsen’s present situation on Instagram and improve their future when Facebook gets abandoned.

The last recommendation for SuperBrugsen is to keep using Facebook as their main social platform for a long as possible, this is because their target group is the one age group that gets more and more involved on this social platform, whereas the younger generations find other social platforms to be online on. Meanwhile SuperBrugsen could advantageously hire more employees to work on their social platforms and start linking more to their Instagram profile to make their Facebook followers aware of its existence and content. The new employees can also start making users of other social platforms than Facebook aware of SuperBrugsen’s social channels and their offers.

Number of words: 1507

Inger Holm Hansen