In this project I am going to explain the structure and the communication strategy of the most profitable company in the fast food sector which is McDonalds. Also I chose Burger King which is the biggest competitor in the fast food service related with burgers.



McDonald’s is a chain of fast food restaurants. Its main products are the burgers, fries, menus for breakfast, soft drinks, milk shakes, ice cream, desserts and recently, salads and fruit. In 2014 it served approximately 58 million customers a day in 33 000 facilities in 119 countries and territories around the world. The chain employs 1.7 million people. In most restaurants they have included different areas with playgrounds.
In 1940, the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald decided to create the company, introducing fast food eight years later. But his leap was in 1955 with the first franchise, assumed by the executive Ray Kroc.
This global presence induced the British magazine The Economist to develop the Big Mac index, which consists of comparing the price of a burger (the Big Mac, one of the most popular products of the string) in all countries.4 where they sell it and so establish a common parameter of the costs of living in each country and whether the currencies are overvalued against the US dollar.

The key to the success of McDonald’s is to have a very strong base of people: Your

Competitive Keys to Success:

  • They have a clear definition of their own business to make an unmistakable idea in the mind of their customers. They are a limited number of fast food menu, good taste and quality uniform, fast and accurate service, good price, outstanding customer care, convenient locations and global market coverage.
  • The mission of McDonalds is show very clearly to their clients serving quickly a limited menu of appetizing hot meal in a clean and nice restaurant for a good price
  • The corporate vision is mastering the global foodservice industry, through satisfaction customer. For them is very important to be recognized by employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, investors and the general public. They have a sure idea of promote the innovation and the creativity their business. They have a big market research department to anticipate the market changes and potential problems that may generated.
  • The corporate objective in McDonalds is achieve 100% of the total customer satisfaction every day in every restaurant.
  • The corporate goals of McDonalds are increase their present in the market growing their market share and benefits from it.



Burger King Corporation is a chain of American fast food establishments. Born on December 4, 1954 in Miami, when two young entrepreneurs named James McLamore and David Egerton founded this restaurant based on a different concept that existed and has remained until today: “The Home of The Whopper”.
In 1955 it is introduced as brand image the king that to date remains reference; the Whopper is the main product Burger King, since its inception in 1957. In 1958 the first television commercial launches in Miami, which leads to a TV campaign over 50 years.

In 1959 the brand began its expansion through franchising, expanding its operations throughout the United States and then worldwide. This enabled him in 1963 to open the first restaurant outside the United States, Puerto Rico. In 1974 the marketing campaign HAVE IT YOUR WAY starts (As you wish) allowing customers to customize their burgers ingredients.
In 1975 the service allowing customers to receive their products even without lowering your car starts. That same year the franchise continues its policy of expansion by opening its first store in Europe, being located in Madrid.


I chose this companies because they are the most important branches in their sector and ones of the biggest companies in the world. They have presence in all around the world in more than 100 countries with total number of 32.737 restaurants (McDonalds) and 12.000 (Burger King). Both of them follow the model of the franchises and they have a big competition to be the biggest of the fast food sector.


Speaking about the communication strategy I will focus on the Spanish strategy because this restaurants, as I said before, have a strong international presence and they make different strategies regarding of the country and the market were they are making the business.

They use many platforms in the social media to communicate the different offers and services that they have. Most of the uses that they make for their platforms are to show new offers or new products it is very estrange that the use their platforms to speak about their branch in general characteristics.

The most important platforms for them are the web sides and the applications for the mobile phone. They use also YouTube and Facebook like platforms for communication with the customers and the potential customers. It is very illustrative that they use the same social media to show their newness.



McDonalds: They have around 61 million of likes in their Facebook page. This information show how big and well-known is the brand of McDonalds. As I said before the main aim of this Facebook page is to inform the customers about the last products that they offer as the special prices or modifications in the menu. For each country they show a particular information to take the attention of the different clients around the world that each one have their own particularities. This web page is made for the whole world although they have the abilities to select the region for the different offers.

But is not enough information regarding with the number of likes that the Facebook page the number of likes. Using LikeAlyzer is possible to check how many of those likes are real affinity with McDonalds and how many of them are just not really fans of the branch checking the number of mentions that they make with this Facebook page. Looking at this statistics is possible to realize that for the people that like McDonalds Facebook only 0´03% of them are really fans. That means that the strategy that they use in Facebook doesn’t have much impact in the community. They make 0´91 publications per day and the number of likes/comments and shares per day are 291 showing the bad efficiency of their Facebook campaign.

Burger King: They have the Facebook page for Spain with total of 657.496 likes. This makes more difficult the analysis of the channel between this two companies. But ever showing the Spanish population we can see that the likes and the relationship with the interaction is much better. The level of loyalty is 5´61% instead of 0´03% for McDonalds. They also make more publications per day with 1´23 getting 5.594 comments/likes and shares. This information shows how the promotion that is made by Burger King is more efficient getting bigger profits than for McDonalds.


McDonalds: Again the number of subscribers is much bigger for McDonalds than for Burger King, McDonalds has 15.438 and Burger King 4.760. Analyzing the last video posted in YouTube by McDonalds (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUM8hPxE440) we can see that the strategy made for them is not successful. It was posted 2 weeks ago talking about the new possibilities and new prices for the new menus in McDonals. It got only 60 likes and 41 dislikes. Knowing that the video was saw for 18.339 people is very obvious that the strategy that they use is very inefficient.

Burger King: If we see the last video in Facebook that was posted for Burger King we can realize that their communication in this channel is not very good. However, if we compare with McDonalds (the competitor) we see that BK is better. They got in one week 336.501 reproductions instead of 18.339 of McDonalds. The number of likes was very low according with the visualization of the video with only 74 likes, but only 4 dislikes. Although the subscribers of Burger King are fewer they are a little bit more loyal.

  1. Change the Channels: It is better if McDonalds doesn’t use this two channels for their communication because the information that they show to the customers is bad and the impression that they get is negative, from my point of view.
  2. If they continue using Facebook: I think that they will get better results if they create a Facebook page different for each country or market, because now with only one Facebook page they accumulate big numbers of likes but the information that those people see is unsatisfactory for them.
  3. They should be focus on their webpage: As more clearly is the information here, more useful for the customers is. The bad comments that are send in the social media generate a bad image of the company and being focus in this platform they can minimize this kind of negative effect.