Burger is the “king”

I choose for my assignment the company “BURGER KING”. Burger King was created in 1954 in Florida (USA). It’s a fast food chain, famous thanks to “the whopper”.

Indeed, I love this company and their products. For young people (students) it’s cheap and it’s so good! Today, Burger king is in king is in expansion, that means, the company wants to fight against competitors and achieved the first place of fast food. Create buzz thanks to his communication based on social media.

Burger King communicate, show, share, comments… it’s a connected company, in era of his time.

The company use different channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Dailymotion, Instagram. And have also created in own application for smartphones.

His target age group of 15-30, people who more active on social networking (89 % of social media users). That’s why BK is focus on generation Y. Interaction is very important today, have some feedback of customers to improve their actions, products, communication, marketing and so the customers’ satisfaction.

Why BK ?

Since 2012, Burger king is coming back on the French market. Indeed, in 1997 Burger King was withdrawn from the French market but today “The king is back” Burger King said. Indeed, I want to know more about his communication. How BK can create buzz ? How BK manage his communication on social network ? It’s not a giant, but it’s a king!

As we know BK is focus on Young people, and am I. So I’m interesting about his communication on social network. I mean, BK communicate quirky, use wittiness, and its work.

Even if, his communication is based on digital media, BK uses also advertisings. But in this advertisings, the company shows tweets, and Facebook messages about him. This tool allows to see that burger king wants to interact with his customers. Show it’s an innovative company, connected, who listening his target. Indeed, at the moment, social media have a real importance in our lives, more precisely for Young people (we are born with internet and we have evolved with him). In this way, BK address to self-actualizers’ people.


Mc Donald’s of course

Mc Donald’s was created in 1955 in Illinois (USA). It’s also a fast food chain such as Burger King. So, Mc Donald’s is the direct competitor of Burger King.

I mean, the fight of the first place is constantly between them. Marketing and communications operations. McDonald’s is more focus on family. The company want to create friendly time with family, a good environment for them. Indeed, his first target is child, McDonald’s offer special products and animations for children such as the famous “happy meal” with a game, Ronald can be on restaurant, and also game era special for them. That’s why his targets are more focus on traditionalists people. Mc Donald’s want to offer a lifestyle and not just food.

Mc Donald’s use also actively Facebook, twitter, Instagram and has also create an account in snapchat.

Why not Mc Do?

I choose of course, the main concurrent of BURGER KING who is MC DONALD’S. There are two Americans companies who have lot of success and today, they are developed all around the world.

Even if there are different between marketing, products, communication in font. They use the same tools of communication and evolved with their customers (of course differently).

Thanks to the perceptual map, we can see that the target is different between the two companies. So, I think it’s interesting to understand how fast food and especially the two majors actors in this market, do to attract these different targets ? What are the tools used ?


Competition on social networks

To analyse the war between BK and McDo, I want to do an analysis on the French market and after on the American market. Because, for me it’s important to see the difference between the place of their creations (USA) and a place where they are developed (France).



On twitter, BK have an account especially for France (@BugerKingFR) we can see different information about this account such as :

  • 19.6 K of followers
  • Posts are about new opening restaurants

One thing is very important, and it’s a very innovative concept. Burger king wants to show his impact on social networking, indeed the company print customers’ tweets and display them in street. That’s why French people are very happy with Burger King marketing. It’s a real new concept to associate digital media and mass media at the same time.

For example, in France, (indeed there are lot of opening restaurants), burger king have print on his tarpaulin one tweets who say “Quand il y aura un buger king à Lille je vous payerai tous un menu, retenez bien” that means “When there is a burger king in Lille, I will pay a menu for each people, don’t forget”. But it’s not finish, because Burger King has also retweet this picture on Twitter. So, we can see the synergy between online and offline and it’s works !


Unfortunately, it’s difficult to found the real account of Mcdonald’s France on Twitter due to too much account (not very official). In this way, I’ll based my twitter comparison in USA.


Burger King :

  • 1,29 M followers
  • 14,1 K Tweets
  • Since July 2010
  • Link with bk.com

Mcdonald’s :

  • 3,11 M followers
  • 104 K Tweets
  • Since September 2009
  • Link with mcdonals.com

According to TweetReach, we can notice that there are some difference between them. For example, replies to the tweets is more high for BurgerKing with 41 replies whereas Mcdonald’s is more less with only 9 replies. But we can see that Mcdonald’s is more present all around the world.




BK :

  • 307 891 likes
  • 1 180 talks about


  • 1 301 992 likes
  • 62 415 visits

According to LikeAlyzer (analysis of Facebook page)

We can see that Burger king is more actively than McDonald’s. Effectively, posts are more high on burger king page than McDonald’s page. But it’s interesting to see that for every post, even if, burger king has less likes on his page, we can notice that for every posts there are in average near than 10 000 (shares, comments or likes) per posts. Whereas Mc Donald’s, who has more than million likes on his page, that for each posts there are, in average, only 4 320 (likes, comments or shares).

We can analyse the ratio for burger king is about 3%, McDonald’s have a ratio of 0,33%.


BK :

  • 7 554 815 likes
  • 1 627 594 visits
  • Videos / pictures


  • 61 699 160 likes
  • 21 053 881 visits
  • Memories historic / pictures / games

Such as French analysis on Facebook, we can notice the same phenomena that, even if burger king have less likes on his page, BK is more reactive and have a ratio of 0,7 %. Whereas Mc Donald’s who have one average per posts only 215 (likes, comments or share) on 61 699 160 likes.

So, we can say that burger King have more interactions and influence with his posts than Mc Donald’s


In my opinion Burger King could involve in healthy food. Effectively, for example, a range of bio products, BK could be interested more women and in this way attract more people. Maybe it will be interesting to add item in BK application with number of calories, and why not communicate (always with wittiness) around healthy world. Because, at this time lot of people, wants to eat healthy (especially French women).

Ethics is very important today, I think the company have to communicate more on his social responsibility with his team all around the world. Show to the world with little video the work conditions in Burger King (on the restaurant, office). Create an account on Snapchat, and create stories all the day with burger king teams all around the world.

The last recommendation, is about ecology, we don’t really know if Burger King is engaged to ecology. But today, the company work on his package. Use recyclable paper, so increase his involvement in ecology and show that to the world, because today these kind of actions is very important for the customer.

My Little Conclusion

For me, the communication of Burger King is very astonishing. I think communicate like this, use online and offline, social network and display, is an innovative idea. Everybody earn in this communication (customers and Burger King). The tone selected is surprising and can put people in good mood.

Number of words : 1360


By Élisa Filhol.


Perceptual map : http://www.mcdonalds.ch/fr/node/9880

Official accounts of Burger King and McDonald’s on Facebook and Twitter