1. Description of Apple

For my individual assessment I chose the company « Apple ». This company is also called « Apple Computer Incorporated » and she was created by Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs in 1976. It is a company that belongs to data processing sector. She develops, makes and sells phones, digital products, desktop computers and laptops, … Over the years, Apple continues to improve his products with the creation of new products; for example l’Ipad.

Apple use severals channels like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr to promote certain content (movies, music, e-books and applications) from its online store.

To communicate Apple create « buzz ». It begins with absolute silence on the part of company. Meanwhile fans of the company will speculate on the future product. So, rumors are born and circulate on the internet. The main goal is to talk about the company. Today with internet this « buzz » that multiplies significantly.

The target audience is very wide. Indeed, Apple covers all age groups and all socio-professional categories. But after analysis, we can observe the main target audience is young people (Adolescents, 15-20 years) even if the products are expensive.

2. Justification of this choice

Apple is a big company present in 13 countries and has 400 Apple Store. His development in the worldwide is one of the reasons why I chose this company.

Furthermore, I want know more about Apple and his strategy of communication. This company have also like tool the advertising (spot TV). An other reason of my choice is that Apple is really a connected company. She adapts to new technologies with Apple Watch for example. So, Apple innovates all the times.

The last reason is I am part of the target audience. Indeed, I have buy only Apple product for several years (Iphone 5C, Ipad Mini and MacBook Pro). I am very satisfied; it’s a good design and a good quality. There are a lot of possibilities to have the information’s about his products: social network, website, Apple Store…

3. Description of Samsung

The competitor that I chose is « Samsung ». The group « Samsung » was created in 1938. It is Coerenne origin. Like Apple, Samsung is not only specialized in mobile. These last 3 years the company has gained significant market share, which led him to be the Apple competitor.

Samsung put on marketing, an aggressive marketing. The brand is distinguished by relatively low prices for smartphones abilities matching those of his opponent products. With a wide range, Samsung devices appeal to technophiles more attracted to open source, easy mobile customization, innovative features and technical capabilities. Recent smartphones and tablets brand is now positioned on the high end. Samsung is implementing a marketing strategy called comparative advertising to highlight the weaknesses of its main competitor.

Samsung use also different channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Deezer, etc

The target audience is the general public but more precisely the professionals and also the Young people, like Apple.

4. Justification of this choice

Apple is fighting especially against the competitor « Samsung » to retain its leading position in the informatics market. It’s why I chose this competitor. Nowadays, I don’t really know who has the first position.

Apple and Samsung makes the same products but with different design and process. They have also the same target audience. So, there is a really duality between them. Indeed, for example, a lot of people in my entourage, when they must change their mobile phone, they hesitate between both brands, Apple and Samsung? It’s a recurrent question.



The perceptual map confirms the similarity of the two companies. The apple products are slightly more expensive.

To be differentiated from each other both companies must strategically use their communication tools.

5. Comparison and analysis

For comparison and analysis of the social media using between Apple and Samsung I chose two channels: Facebook and Twitter. These two channels because both brands use it. Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter are the most important channels today. A lot of Internet users have accounts and look, read, comments and like, all the day, something on Facebook or/and Twitter.

I analyse the Facebook and Twitter page of France because Apple and Samsung have many Facebook and Twitter pages and I decide to analyse my country.


According, LikeAlyzer we observe many informations about the Facebook page of Apple in France.

  • Page performance – Likes: 3,072
  • Posts per week: 0,32
  • Post by Pages – Likes, comments and shares per posts: 85
  • Like Rank: 38

According, LikeAlyzer we observe many informations also about the Facebook page of Samsung in France.

  • Page performance – Likes: 2,328,414
  • Posts per day: 0,85
  • Post by Pages – Likes, comments and shares per posts: 1,271
  • Like Rank: 72

This significant data allows one comparison between both Facebook pages thanks to LikeAlyzer. We can observe a really difference. Indeed, the number of the likes for Apple is very small compared to Samsung that gets more than two billion. Likewise about the posts, Apple does not publish posts often, only 0,32 posts per week (it is not sufficient); his Facebook page is almost dead whereas Facebook page of Samsung is more active (0,85 posts per day). An other result important for the comparison is the like rank. There is a gap of 34. Here, Samsung has again the best place (72).

To conclude this first analysis, we can explain these results by the fact that there are far fewer visits to the Facebook page of Apple because Apple does not use enough this social network (Facebook) for his communication. One example for illustrates this explanation, the last post on the Facebook page of Apple date of November 18 2015.


On Twitter page of Apple (@Apple_FR) there are many informations:

  • 8 subscriptions
  • date of creation: January 2011
  • website: com/fr/

According TweetReach, the activity of Twitter page of Apple is very low.

On 10 tweets, 39 replies and 22 retweets.

During 10 days there are 71 tweets.

On Twitter page of Samsung (@SamsungFR) there are the same informations:

  • 163 K followers
  • 704 subscriptions
  • date of creation: February 2010
  • website: com/fr

According TweetReach, the activity of Twitter page of Samsung is very high.

On 13 tweets, 48 replies and 39 retweets.

During 2 days there are 100 tweets.

Here, the difference between both companies is obvious. Only with the number of followers we can see that activity of Twitter page of Apple (5166 followers) is late compared to that of Samsung (163 K followers). That why, Apple have only 71 tweets in 10 days against 100 tweets in 2 days for Samsung.

To conclude this second analysis, Samsung have a big impact on the social network. He is always present; he posts a lot of pictures, videos to communicate about his new products. Despite the extent of the company, Apple just beginning to use social networks, so, it is not as connected as Samsung. Apple continued to use the ancestor of media… the television.

6. Recommandations

Generally, I think Apple must use more the social media platforms because he is not sufficiently present today. But to improve even more their online activity I propose three recommendations for Apple:

  • Create a new platform on which Apple launches the challenge to Internet users each Monday; they must resolve the challenge and makes a video about this challenge and post it on the platform. At the end of the week there is a vote made by Apple to judge the best video. The winner will be rewarded with a company’s product.
  • Use more social network: send to regular customers a private message personalizes through Facebook or Twitter. This message would be different and adapted according to customer and his preferences. Apple would offer flash sales (limited). This technique allows customer loyalty.
  • Create a free mobile application for the online shop. The customer could be buy or/and book the product who he wants. This application would include a live chat between customers for give their opinion. She would available in the worldwide. The delivery will be very quickly.


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Louise Allemand