Adriano Martucci

Social Media Marketing

Vives-Katho University 2015-2016




In my work I have tried to conduct an analysis of the activities of the major social media of the two companies, Nike and Adidas, trying to find out and analyze how these channels are used to improve the activities.





The company Nike is one of the most important brands in the world, if not the most important, regarding apparel and accessories.

The company was founded in January of 1967 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, following the creation of a brand, to import sports shoes from Japan.

The name of Nike comes from Greek mythology and means goddess of victory.

Over the years, Nike has become the world’s leading producer of accessories and clothing for sports, especially football, basketball, tennis and many other sports.

The logo “Swoosh”, was created by a student at Portland State University, Carolyn Davidson, who followed the course of graphic, and who created the logo at the express request of Knight. The “Swoosh” recalls the Nike of Samothrace, which is a stylization.

Davidson agreed to work on the project at a price of two dollars an hour, and when it proved successful, the price for the “Swoosh” paid to student, was 35 dollars an hour

Following the story, however, eleven years after the founder Knight, he gave several actions to Davidson.

1978 is the year of official birth of Nike Inc., but also the first sponsorship contract signed with a great sportsman, tennis player John McEnroe.

Endorsement contracts represented a large part of the success of Nike in the world. Through a chance to dress, with its own brand, the champions of the sport, and not only that, Nike reached a level of cash receipts and popularity ever recorded before.

The sponsorship campaign was also a good way to counter other companies, competitors in the field, as Reebok and Adidas.

The most important sponsorship agreement was signed by the basketball player Michael Jordan, at that time definitely the most famous sportsman in the world, which became the symbol of the company, and from which left the model of basketball shoes, Air Jordan , still used.

The following year, 1979, shows a real revolution in the world of high-tech shoes: Tailwind is put on the market; namely the first running shoe with a workforce of Nike-air cushioning system patented by American home. This technology will later be applied to nearly 80% of the production of shoes, representing still one of the strengths of the company.

In 1988 born “Just do it”, the campaign leading American brand. It is an incitement simple but effective, which invites people to work and to work hard to not lose sight of their dreams.

In addition to having their own official website., the company can use a lot of channels, through many online portals like Amazon and Sportsdirect for sale and distribution, and channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to popularity, all with official accounts.

The main purpose of distribution channels online like Amazon, is of a commercial nature. In addition to its official website, as mentioned, Nike uses its own channels to allow customers to buy clothing and accessories online, through a simple click.

The online channels such as Facebook, which records a number of 23,588,325 of people who like and affects the page, are meant to advertise the brand.

Through this channel, customers Nike can stay up to date on new products and the numerous activities that the Nike organizes in order to sponsor and sell its products, as a result of our continuous news.

The target audience is focused primarily on sports, from kids to older people, but also to those customers who like the clothes and accessories for life every day.

In Twitter, instead , Nike recorded 5.700.000 followers.


I chose this company because I think it is very interesting and has several innovative channels of interaction and communication with their customers.

In today’s world, where interactivity and communication are the masters, the ability to follow “almost” real-time new activities, new products, etc., is a huge opportunity to find everything for customers like us, and me.






Adidas was officially born in Germany in 1949 when Adi Dassler, shoemaker Herzogenaurach, registered the trademark three stripes of the register of companies of Fürth with the name “Adolf Dassler Adidas Sportschuhfabrik”.

Beginning with the shoes, Adi Dassler gave birth to one of the most famous sports brands in the world, wearing great athletes and recordman, supporting them in the conquest of victories, records and record.

Since then, Adidas has “trampled” the land of Wembley, Wimbledon and the FIFA World Cup ™.

In the Olympic Games in Amsterdam staged in 1928, the athletes wore for the first time the shoes fitted with “spikes”, able to give outstanding performance thanks to better grip than the traditional footwear.

The first athlete to win a gold medal wearing shoes of Adolf, was Lina Radke, who won the eight hundred meters setting a new world record.

Dassler has got great satisfaction thanks to his ideas, and so start thinking to shoes for other sports: in 1931, for example, it was the turn of sneakers. At the Berlin Olympics of 1936, the champion Jesse Owens wearing designer shoes from Dassler, and it is thanks to them that won four golds in five circles.

In every Olympiad since 1949, “Adidas” he dressed least one medalist.

Adidas produces shoes to play with, shoes to win competitions, and shoes for all custom shoes.

The slogan of Adi was “no athlete will be left behind.”

Over the years the vision of “Adidas” has been expanded, always with a ‘focus on innovation and becoming more complete, wearing and sponsoring sports as well as athletics and the box also fencing, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, judo, weightlifting, martial arts, tennis, decathlon, hockey and football.

In 1963 it was produced the first ball football brand Adidas Santiago baptized, then it did not take long for the company to produce Testar, the official ball of the 1970 World Cup.

Adidas began gradually to take the characteristics that we recognize today: the company’s logo (the three strips side), were conceived and designed in those years, in order to improve the performance of sports shoes through aerodynamics.

Adidas was also the first company to apply the campaigns of sponsorships, advertising the company through accessories and clothing gave to athletes.

These sponsorships by German company, however, go beyond sport, as the sport clothing of Bob Marley: fashion gives law, and the idea of sponsoring a famous person (not necessarily an athlete, but also a musician) ensured exclusive rights for his image represented fantastic intuition.

The online channels related to Adidas, are the same as Nike, being its main competitor in the market for clothing and accessories.

Also it uses an official site;, where you can find all the information about new products; sales and other channels of promotion, like Nike, are Amazon or Facebook. The followers on Facebook are more numerous than those of Nike, being 26,512,497.

In Twitter, Adidas recorded 2,500,000 followers, less than half of Nike.


I chose this company because it is the largest competitor in the market for Nike.




I think that the most important promotional and famous channel for the two companies, is Facebook.

First, it records together, a total of almost 52 million followers, separated by only a million as a result of the preference of “customers” for Adidas.

Use of this site is a tool that both companies use to interact with their customers and followers, through messages, chat, video, and more.

The facebook pages of these two great companies are always up to date, day after day, hour after hour. These pages are one of the most direct ways to ensure that the consumer is up to date on what is happening in the world of Nike and Adidas.

These updates occur, generally, through photos and videos, in which the company sends pictures promotion, for example for a new range of products such as shoes or clothing varied, or spectacle and entertainment, where you can admire the sport champion during workouts, games or something else special, through the sponsorship of its brand.

The ability to post events on their page, allows Nike and Adidas to keep followers updated on the relative events, such as a marathon, or a sports event with the most famous.








  • Activities: I think Nike should organize more events for its customers, and give them the chance to win something, by buying other things. Such an event in the city center, can attract many people and gain new customers.


  • Create more opportunities for interaction online: interaction within Facebook or Twitter, for example, it could be improved by creating more pages, if possible, within the same channel. Creating more official pages, it can allow interaction faster.


  • More technical promotion: the promotion through the pictures and videos posted on channels could be improved by placing greater equality. It could see how some cutting-edge products are made.







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