1-               The Origama was born in 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal by Pedro Ravara and Francisca Falcão. The idea of creating a brand arose when they were on the beach and there was a discomfort to always be in the same position on the beach towel. So, they decided to create a comfortable beach towel that is mounted on a set of wooden stakes offering a pleasant stop. Besides this product, Origama also has extras like bags to hang on the towels. Still has a garden towel to offset the fact that certain European countries do not have beaches.This company does not focus on paid advertising, compensates for the use of social networks, thus representing a value of 95 % in its communication. Thus, the company invests a lot in social networks like facebook; Instagram; Twitter; Linkedin; Pinterest and on Flickr platform. Origama bets on the social networks and especially in that are most commonly used because it sees in them an essential means to communicate since the target group one is relaxed people and beach lovers.They use these platforms for sharing photos of their products and brief descriptions. Also they use them to stay closer to the public since nowadays many people use these platforms to share photos and follow companies.

However, the Facebook platform is the most widely used for purchases and suggestions since people have the habit of buying the toahas Origama via Facebook. In 2013 they sold more than five thousand units throught Facebook.

2-               My choice for this company due to various factors. The first is because it is 100% Portuguese and I wanted to do this work with a company of my country. The second reason is because this company is very recent and could create a new market. This company created a new market , and also launched new products, such as bags/suitcases, in order to take this towel; a “kind” tent but smaller so people are lying and protected from the sun or even for children to play; garden chairs (with the same view of the beach) and finally giving towels for more than one person.Also I can say that I chose this company because it is a company that gives value to social responsibility and therefore the production of its products is ensured by inmates of the Prison Tires with training and quality control guaranteed by team directs.Finally I can say that my last reason is because it is a company made ​​by young people and with a very open spirit which makes the company have a different mentality and we can always keep track of what the public “young” need to feel comfortable on the beach. 3-            The Origama has no direct competitors and indirect considers Verty.The Verrty was created in 2013 and reinvented the concept of beach towel. Influenced by the cosmopolitan spirit of the city, Vertty created a unique design transforming an ordinary object into a sophisticated accessory.Focused on design but without forgetting efficiency, Vertty towel has an innovative material that dries quickly is 10 cm larger than an ordinary towel 30 % lighter than a normal towel and introduces a discrete impermeable pocket, and furthermore the production is carried out by hand in Portugal.The vertty brand operates in exactly the same channels as the Origama, it is mean on Instagram, facebook, Twitter; Linkedin; Pinterest and on Flickr platform.

According to Diogo the brand has been internationally recognized by major publications such as Vogue and has also been awarded some important awards, such as: product design by Red Dot 21, 2014; website design and content considered one of the best of 2013 by Awwwards; online communication on social networks, semi-finalists in the worldwide competition of Facebook Studio Awards.

Their thinking in relation to social networks is very similar to the Origama and your target group is the same. It is for beach lovers and who love to be on the beach in a different way. 4-     As I said before the company Origama don not have direct competitors, only indirect competitors. The Vertty company is the most similar to Origama company. It is similar because is a company that is dedicated only to the welfare of consumers on the beach. Although they are different beach towels, both brought a new product to market thus making it in blue oceans. With research that I did and with the programs that I have seen in relation to this competition, I can say that both companies see themselves as indirect competitors.

Another reason for these two companies are competitors is its product. Its product is the same for the same type of target , but for different ages, however, different presentation characteristics and different designs . In Origama can say that the age range is between 21 to 50 years with a visual for whi like to read on the beach or even sitting watching their children, while Vertty is more for young people, because of its design and even their color.

Also in relation to the online price we can say that these two companies are competitors, because both presentation more or less the same price for the market. For example the brand Origama sell their towels for 44.90€ and Vertty for 49€. Both have different qualities of towels but unique which causes people like the concepts and acquire the products.                                                    





5-     The channel that I will talk about is Facebook, because one of the channel that all the companies used and it is easier for the consumers know what is happening on the company and on the same time, the consumers can talk with the company with this channel.As we know, as we know, Origama and Vertty use Facebook a lot. Evaluating the tastes that exist in the pages of these two companies we can say that Origama wins the Vertty but not by much. Once the Origama is about 162.719 and Vertty only 108.122 likes.

Both companies use this medium to make your advertising and staying in touch with their audiences. Despite the concept being different, and to be indirect competitors can I say that they work for the same target group, beach lovers.

So they use Facebook to publish posts usually daily. In these posts they always do link to your towels and whatever part of the world their towels are the best towels for stay in that place. Also, with Facebook they post questions to people and still account. In addition you can still talk to them on the Facebook chat. They answer as soon as they can, as usually, they respond every day, during time to work. Therefore, they have a responsible employer to be in Facebook or connected with Facebook and get to be close to the public.

To finish I can say that I agree with the user of the channels by the two companies since they are young companies with young workers and who are aware of what goes on in the generation of the internet. In my opinion the big bet on Facebook is a good strategy since almost all people have accounts on facebook and like to see what thecompanies do. Also, I agree with the factor of both companies do not spend much money on advertising since they can spend on other things and make their advertisements by pataformas .


6- My recomendations for Origama improve their online activity are:

  • Create an online magazine about their products and how to use them, this is because more and more people like online magazines and this would be a way to please the pubic giving always new ideas while transimitir that are always present and qaue not stop thinking about how to please the audience.
  • Create a platform where people podessem speak directly to those in charge of Origama and thus give new suggestions for new products or even to suggest changes to existing products.
  • Use the facebook application for direct videos and make conferences with the public and auem know, ostrar their offices or what the process the products.
  • Invest in online pulbicidade since every time we are bombarded with this kind of advertising, we are always on the internet. Thus the Origama can gain even more visibility.



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Diana Martins Fernandes