The webinar in a nutshell

Our first webinar today aimed to provide an introduction to the concepts we will be using in this course. It also aimed to portray the context in which social media marketers and communicators operate nowadays. In doing so we looked at current statistics, trends and assumptions related to digital and social media and their associated practices.

The slides for today are below.

Webinar log questions and tasks

As indicated during the webinar, you should read and watch all the materials included in the slides and the syllabus. The webinar log, which you will be submitting on this blog at the same time with your individual social media audit assignment (check the syllabus for details), should feature your answers to the questions asked during each webinar.

Here are the questions/task for webinar 1 (you can use bullet points to answer them; make sure you reference/include sources for any information that you use):

  1. Check slides 10-13 on the history of the internet and evolution of social media. What do you learn from them?
  2. Define the following terms: media, mass-media, digital media, social media and social networking? What are the differences and similarities between them?
  3. Social media landscape 2015 – how many platforms do you recognise vs how many platforms do you actively use (and by that I mean to upload content)?
  4. Check the Edelman Trust Barometer 2015 results. Find the results for your country of origin, Belgium and the worldwide results. What do you observe? Who is trusted the most (businesses, NGOs, media and/or government)? What does this mean for communicators?
  5. Check out the video summaries for the European Communication Monitor and the Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor. What are the biggest challenges communicators are facing?
  6. Check out the Greenpeace vs Nestle case study (see slide 38). What did Nestle do wrong?
  7. Watch the videos in the “assumptions” section (slides 42-51) on the digital divide, long tail, cult of the amateur, technological determinism and net delusion. Summarize the main point of the video. Write up in a short paragraph what (as a communicator/marketer) you learn from them.

See you soon for webinar 2!