In France,the presence of Social Media ? For what ? By who ?

According to the Ars Industrialis everyone know that being an amateur is related to like something but more of that being involved. The development of technologies as Social Media is increasing the implication in cultural facts as Twitter by using hashtags or Instagram, with the example of the activity on the network in support to the attack in “Charlie Hebdo”.

There are three important point in the engagement in Social Media : Disclose, Protect and use of Common sense. The amateur are using this standard of transparent excessively usually that what will make him or her popular. In the cult of the amateur both parts are engaged, the “amateur” and the internet users. So with 54% of our daily time spend online it gets usual to find a silly video, picture…

Different reasons can motivate the amateurs as well as they Featured imageare different kind of amateurs :

N°1 : Looking for attention, convince that what he or she is doing will make him/her popular. Sometimes it is happening but just for a short time, rare are the once who are really building a carrier on a stupid video !

N°2 : The Talented one ! There are posting on the social media videos and pictures about their performance waiting for to get popular and being noticed because they can’t offered the services of a management team.

N°3 : The managers trying to launch “stars” by using social media, they are posting as well as the one above but there is a management team behind. The strategy is think to attract and to make this person popular by giving the idea that it is the person who is controlling her own success so it lets us think it can happens to anyone who is trying, that is why we are ending with so many stupid videos of people thinking it will bring them into the spotlight for a long time.

There is the example of a French “personality” who get popular thanks to Internet more precisely to YouTube by some videos of speech where he is saying that he is amazing and perfect. This huge amount of narcissism and vanity make him being noticed by internet users and end up being invited on Talk Shows because people were talking so much about him and he mad rise the audience of those diffusions.

It is according to Andrew Keen only because of the fact that participation in a crowd is not really what we think of, there are actually main actors and active users of social media which will be followed by the crowd. Being in the mass is not for sure participate to it, Keen is saying that the social media are killing the culture because there is no more innovation and ideas, just people with more or less talent sharing and others copying and sharing, that what he is calling the copy and writing. Social media keep turning the vicious circle of selfishness and narcissism that the amateurs created.

When is the amateur good for business ?

To make talk about them, lot of people who passed at reality show are making the “buzz” on social media, this is the way by which they are making people keep talking about them. Sometimes it can get really ridiculous but they don’t mind as long as people keep talking. This gives them an open door to some talk shows on French TV as TPAMP ( Touche Pas à Mon Poste), Le Mag Nrj 12, or some report program more serious as “60 min” and “Le Grand Journal”.

One of the biggest example in France is Nabilla Benattia, started on a TV show called “Les Anges de la Télé Réalité” , she turned to be the idol of the social media, making the youngest crazy and craving about her news about in France, but not only because the famous People magazine TMZ posted an Article on their website and invited her on the show. Since 2011 she is flooding Instagram and TwitFeatured imageter after her success on the TV show brought to her a lot of popularity and reactions from the audience, more negative than positive but people keep talking about her.

Nowadays to make more views the TV shows are related to usually Facebook and Twitter during Lives to create a dialogue with the audience and make them want to stay on the program making them believe that this is for them, they are broadcasting for them and waiting for their comments. Therefore the success of those amateurs is good for the business of channels and magazines because as long as there are news to talk about (good and bad) it is making profits.

But where does all of this is going ? Is Andrew Keen right ? Does the Cult of the Amateur is killing our Culture ?