We really enjoyed the course of New Media and it was really interesting to apply a part of the information that we learnt in this course. We chose a personality because nowadays it is impossible for an artist not to be present on the social media especially Twitter.SelahS

Selah Sue is a Belgian musician and songwriter who started her career in 2009 when she released her first EP under the title “Black Part Love”.  During her early career she won numerous awards most of them in Europe. Her career began thanks to her fans on the social media as MySpace which attracted the attention of some professional from music industry.

Selah Sue wanted to start her debut album with the songs that she wrote in her teens giving her the opportunity to express her real feeling and not be a product of the musical industry.

As we could see from her presence on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, MySpace, YouTube, Google+, Instagram) and her website Selah Sue is using these channels to promote her activities (touring, new albums, concerts), to share information about new awards that she won and to stay in contact with her fans. Her target audience is young people from 18-28, mostly girls.

We chose Selah Sue because she is a young rising artist in the soul/funk/reggae music which is a growing genre of music. This gives her the opportunity to grow in notoriety. She has a lot of accomplishments and she is doing a lot of collaborations with different well known artists which  can boost her reputation as an young celebrity. Another reason for choosing this subject is that it is a challenge for us to discover how an artist can be active on a social media channel and try to give them real pertinent recommendations.

The competitors of Selah Sue that we have chosen are: Adele, Lorde, Lana del Rey and Sia.


Adele was born May 5th, 1988 in London. She is more in the jazzy-soul music type; since The Beatles, she is the only British singer who had 2 singles and 2 different albums the same week, in the Britain’s top 5.


Ella MarijaLaniYelich-O’Connor known as Lorde is a NewZealand singer who recently started her career and encountered a huge success. She is really young (18 years old) and first appeared on the international scene in 2013 with a really successful song “Royals” at the age of 16.


Born in Australia on 8th December 1975 she started to perform in an Australian group during the ‘90s and started her solo career in 1997 with her first album “Only see”. She is the song writer of others well-known groups such as Maroon 5 and had some collaborations with other world known artist like David Guetta.

LDRLana del Rey

Lana del Rey, born June 21, 1985, is an American singer-songwriter in the gender of Dream pop, Rock, Psychedelic rock, Baroque pop, Indie pop. Del Rey started songwriter at the age of 18 and signed her first recording contract with 5 Points Records in 2007.

All of the competitors are present on almost all channels as Selah Sue. The most used are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to share their activity and to keep their fans updated with the new albums, concerts and tours.However there are some differences between the competitors. For example Sia is not using Instagram, a channel on which Lana del Rey and Adele are really active. They all have their own website where they mainly promote their new music.  In general, they all have the same target audience(young adults with the age between 18-28) with the exception of Adele which reaches a bigger audience.

The main reason for choosing these competitors is that they all sing the same genre of music and they transmit the same feeling through their lyrics. They are all feminine international artists that are composing their own music and lyrics.

Another reason for choosing these competitors is that they all opened their Twitter account in the same period(2009-2011) so it will be easier for us to analyze and compare their figures.MAP

As we can see from our map Selah Sue is addressing the same target audience as Lorde, Sia, Lana del Rey and Adele. Concerning the awareness worldwide we can see that Selah Sue is less international than the others, but this is mainly because she is a young artist which started in a small country. However, we chose these competitors because they are all playing the same genre of music and it is very likely that Selah Sue will go more internationally in the next years especially with the help of collaboration with great artists such as Prince.

After analyzing her Twitter account we could see that:

Although she joined Twitter on May 2009 Selah Sue has only 971 Tweets which is a rather small number, especially for an artist who wants to become as visible as she can. The average tweets per day in the last 2 months is 0.46 and per month is 14 tweets. This average is quite low in comparison with her competitors. Sia has 1.5 tweets/ day and 44 tweets/month, Lorde has 0.66 tweets/ day and 20 per month. On the other hand Lana del Rey and Adele were not active in the last 2 months, they tweeted less than 5 times so we could not calculated those figures.

TwitterThe frequency of their tweets is not regularly, that means that they don’t have a specific strategy on when and what they post, they are just tweeting whenever they have something new or interesting to share.

The big difference between the number of tweets is due to the fact that the first three artists are releasing new albums and current activities. On the opposite to Adele and Lana del Rey who are taking a break before their come back.

Selah Sue has a quite big number of followers (60.3K) although she is following only 13 persons. This could mean that she is using Twitter only for personal announcements so she is not retweeting from other persons.

Her maximum number of retweets for a post in the last two months were 151 which means that 0.2% of her followers are engaged in her activity on twitter. For Lorde the percentage of followers who are active is 0.4% and for Sia 0.38%. These figures represent the active community of the artist which shows us that the number of followers is not relevant in the fans’ interest. An artist can have a large number of followers but it doesn’t mean that they will be active.This is the case of Adele which has21.7 mil. followers, but the percentage of active ones is 0.02%.

The most of the content that all the artists are posting is relevant to their career such as their new album, their upcoming toursand their participation to TV shows or even their awards that they are winning.  This is the reason that the artists are more active in some periods during which they post information that will interest the fans and will make them more engaged in the artist’s activity. For example Selah Sue is engaging her followers in different activities such as Q&A sessions or voting her songs for different award winning selections.


Selah Sue should be more active in Twitter even if she is quite great in it, she needs to be more visible. Her internationally awareness is good but she could increase it with more activity and collaboration with others famous people. Those collaborations can bring new followers by reaching the fans of the other artist to create a snowball effect.

She is only following 13 people and she is not retweeting anything. She is only giving information about herself. She should start to follow and retweet other artists of the same gender of music with the same target as her, in this way she could be associated with them, and they could start to follow her. If other artists start to follow and retweet her she can earn a lot of new followers and increase her awareness, and these followers will be into her target audience.

She should also improve the visual of her tweets. Her tweets are often only links to internet pages and don’t provide any information, these links are often long and incomprehensible, she doesn’t change the aspect of the links which are not visually attractive. If she adds picture to it or at least a small description of the subject, these tweets would be more successful.

Another recommendation for Selah Sue is to tweet more regularly so that her followers can frequently see updated information about her. For example she can tweet twice per day, at different hours to reach a bigger audience.

By Léa Milès, Monica Neghina, Linda Zatout, Mathilde Schattel and Pierre Bérot-Inard.