Our main company: Bel RTL


Bel RTL is a frenchspeacking radio from Wallonia. They mix musics and news in their programs. They are the most listen radio in Wallonia and have some “brothers” in European radios like in France the “RTL” radio with the same system of mixing music and news.

RTL has for market target people from 16 years old to 99 years old. It’s a non specific or thematic radio so their target are huge and in different field of music. To manage that position they need to be present in different media and they choose their commercials or their articles in realtion with their targets. For example, they are in Auto moto magazines for Men (30 to 70 years old); but also on Newspapers to reach more people; and our field today : Social Media : With a Facebook account and a Twitter one.

In Facebook they want to reach more teenargers and fresh workers people but more and more aldutls create new facecbook account so they start to see this social media as a global way to reach people. For Twitter the target is more the workers, it’s more about news.

Their activity on social media is really acceptable: on twitter they are present since 2010 it means that RTL are in the move and trends of people and they are really focus on new medias.

Why we chose this subject ?

We choosed to work on something that with use nearly all the time when we have some free time, so we decided to examine Belgian radio for several reasons:

  • First of all we thought that it could be really interesting to do an analysis of the social media activity and strategy of one Belgian radio and two other Belgian competitors. Because we are Erasmus student in Belgium and the only thing that we used to follow is the radio. In fact, we listen the Belgian radio nearly everywhere, in the car, pub or in the street of Kortrijk even if the only think that we understand are the songs, because none of us are speaking Flemish. So that’s why our first thought was to work on the radio.
  • We also select the Belgian radio because we knew already that this subject is all well developed on the new media (Twitter, Facebook, website).

To conclude why we choose this subject, it is because we are confronted to it nearly all the time and because there are well engaged on the new media.

Our Competitors Justification

We have selected the VivaCite and the Radio Contact as a competitor for Bel RTL. Because after our research on current active radios in Belgium, we came up with the list of radios that have the best daily reach numbers. You can see from the chart, VivaCite and Radio Contact are coming after Bel RTL and they are the direct competitors of our main radio.

We also choosed those two competitors because we have noticed that even if Bel RTL is the leader according to the market share, this is not the same situation on twitter for example. In fact, their results are completely different as you can see on the perceptual map that we prepaired below;

Capture d’écran 2015-01-21 à 16.31.07
                            Created by our group 



VivaCite is currently the second most popular radio in Belgium, which is founded in 2004 in Brussels. Their programmes are about sports, regions and interactivity. Main channels that they use are the webpage of the radio, Twitter and Facebook. They have;

  • 3488 followers in Twitter
  • 55.750 likes in Facebook account

With this numbers, they are the worst in social media competition within these 3 company.

They are using “Et la vie va !” as a slogan of radio, which means “And life goes”.

What they are doing on Twitter ?

They are broadcasting in French and posting almost all kinds of news on Twitter. You can find news about music and sport, but also there are some posts about whats going on in the Wallonia and Brussels Capital region of Belgium. When viewed from this angle, we can say that they are targetting every people who lives in these two regions. In addition, they have no audience from Flemish and German part because of the linguistic characteristics of Belgium. However, when we look at their followers in Twitter, their main audiance are young adults and teenagers who are interested in music and sports.

Radio Contact


After Bel RTL and ViveCite, Radio Contact is the third popular radio channel in Belgium. They are founded in 1980 which makes them the oldest comparing Bel RTL and ViveCite. They have three main channels also which are the official webpage, Twitter and Facebook, like other two. Recently they have;

  • 10.3 thousand followers in Twitter
  • 143.657 likes in Facebook account

Despite the fact that Radio Contact is the third in contest regarding the daily reach, they have the best numbers in social media.

They have used few slogan since they founded. Current one since 2006 is “Se sentir bien”, which means “Feel good”.

What they are doing on Twitter ?

They are using mostly French, but time to time German as a broadcast language. It depends on the program and the region of the news. They are posting about music and general news about French speaking part and a small part of German speaking area, Eupen. This means that they are targetting only these two communities.

Mainly, they are posting in order to inform their target group about upcoming programmes.

Competitive Analysis on Twitter

The first competitor of Bel RTL is Radio Contact in reality and on the social media as well. To make the comparaison of the social media life between those two we have chosen Twitter. After some times reading the two accounts we found some figures, for Bel RTL; 

  • 7169 tweets were written

So for Bel RTL it’s almost one followers for one tweet.
In the other side, Radio Contact has;

  • 4916 tweets
  • 10.3k followers as mentioned before

it’s more than 2 followers for one tweet, so we can say that Radio Contact use more effectively this social media. We can explain that because they post more pictures and videos and it’s more visual for users than just texts.

Moreover, Radio Contact don’t use the same hours than Bel RTL for posting. Bel RTL, they post the much during two period of the day : 6a.m and 6 p.m. Radio Contact, they post the most between 8 a.m and 10 a.m and their strategy is to post a lot during an entiere day related to the world life, political issues…etc So they reach lot of people in a short time. 50 tweet in one day once. It means that they are not fans or really interested by the radio, so the number of 10.3K is not a true (realistic) figures compared to the fan’s number in reality. We need to take those figures carefully.

Another point is that Radio Contact reached less people/users than Bel RTL;

  • 25.119 users reached for Radio Contact
  • 43.240 users reached for Bel RTL 

With this figures, we can see that the twitter account of Radio Contact is most liked by users even if they are less reached compairing to Bel RTL. That’s a sign of good image for Radio Contact but bad visibility.

About the comparaison between Bel RTL and Vivacité ;

Vivacité has tweeted 3044 tweet since 2012 ( the latest start date of the three competitors) and has 3443 followers that’s the worst number of followers compre to the two other. So it’s approximatively the same thing than Bel RTL. Because they have both almost 1 followers for one tweet, but Vivacité has a really good visibility on the social media because they have 234.472 users since 2012. It’s put a huge difference between Bel RTL and Vivacité.

It means also that Vivacité doesn’t have a good image for users and people. Because, even if users saw the account, they wouldn’t follow this one.

To conclude Bel RTL has less visibility but a better image than Vivacité. And compare to Radio Contact, Bel RTL has a better image but less visibilit too. 

Recommendations for Bel RTL

  1. Direct interraction between audience should be increased. They have the best daily reach and they are posting more frequently compairing with other two, but they have less “retweets” and “favourites”, especially comparing with Radio Contact. Replying and talking with audience can be a solution.
  2. They should retweet some tweets that they mentioned in it. It can be good way to have more close realtionships with target group. As far as we observe from the twitter account, they are only posting tweets and very rarely retweeting, which puts some distance between the radio and the followers.
  3. Customer engagement needs to be increased. Asking questions like “What would you most like to listen now?“, having ideas from audience and arranging specific programmes according to requests will increase the popularity of the account and tweet reach statistics.
  4. Visual objects (like photos and videos) usage should definetely be increased when posting on twitter. Eye-catching visuals are always draw more attention of customers. Until now, it is very clear that they are using less visuals comparing with Radio Contact and ViveCite.


Twitter accounts: Links (A, B, C)

Web pages: Links (A, B, C)

Project Group 5 – New Media – 2015 Vives University College

Members: Ahmet Aydemir, Jean Rivier, Romain Fraysse