Internet offers numerous resources for young entrepreneurships interested in launching a new business: social networks for promoting, opportunities to get know-how, ability to pay online etc. Crowdsourcing is one of the many advantages that Internet has given both to entrepreneurships and individual.

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Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people. If in the past the process of getting a large group of people to contribute to a new project or idea, nowadays new media is providing the tools of making this process easier.

Just as the Internet played a role in the evolution of the word, social media is transforming the way we think of crowdsourcing and will continue to do so as the benefits of using social media to crowdsource become more well-known. Social media is becoming an essential component to crowdsourcing as it allows organizations to reach a wider audience faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever before.

Crowdfunding involves asking a crowd of people to donate money to your project. For example, if you want to raise $10,000 to pay for studio time to record a new CD, crowdfunding can help you raise that money. You find a crowdfunding platform, set the goal amount, deadline, and any rewards offered to donors. You must raise 100% of your goal before the deadline, or all the donations are returned to the donors.

Why crowdfunding?

It is easy. Unlike other methods, crowdfunding does not require a huge work. Just a good eye and a brain developed to obtain decent amount of money. Of course depends on the project’s initiator. But with so many possible in the face, the first step is the most important. Of course the system should not be underestimated. As we speak of direct interaction between funder and funded project thoughtful implementation strategies should be taken seriously.

The power of social media. This allows the development of a system around these crowdfunding networks, requiring the involvement of fewer financial resources than the traditional networking . In addition there are already formed communities on a variety of areas, possibly the one you need. Social media also means globalization and facilitation of access to a very wide audience and still niche.

Crowdfunding can validate your new idea. For new businesses and projects it is important to have the community validate your idea in order to get it started. Because starting a new project is always risky when it comes to your customers, crowd funding and the network created through this can give you a good and fast feedback about your idea.

 Crowdfunding in Romania

Crowdfunding is relatively new to the Romanian market, but some platforms of crowdfunding already exist.,, , etc.

We Are Here is a crowdfunding platform that helps to fund creative and educational events and projects you have planned and who only need funding. They accept projects that are in the areas of creativity (film, theater, dance, music and publishing) education and technology.

For convincing the people to support a project it’s needed to have a clear objective. We are here like almost every other platforms of crowdfunding is looking for creative projects that propose innovative solutions for the benefit of all the community.

One of the most successful project from the platform We-are-here is the project Calc Camasi. It’s a project initiated by a young girl, Oana Korda, who decided to change the process of automated ironing in one more personal and which involves more people from the community

The project is presented in details on the platform so people can see exactly what is the idea of the project and what will the money be used for. Moreover, the initiator offers different vouchers for the supporter, depending on how much they contributed with. From a small “Thank you” mentioned on their website to a “Annual Unlimited Subscription” for the whole family.

Right now creatively-based projects dominate the crowdfunding space. Yet as we continue to see diversification within these innovative models and tools, more and more sectors strive to source and access funding in an innovative and open-source manner. As the concept of crowdfunding gains even greater traction, and the rapidly changing communications architecture continues to boost exponential growth within online communities, the speed and breadth at which this collaborative ecosystem continues to evolve can only increase and mature. Crowdfunding is currently an ecosystem under intense evolution.