1.    The presentation and the justification of the idea


In order to realize our New Media project we decided to gather in team of three persons: Marine Bordenave, Léo Palmaro and Lucas Lovinger. We already knew that we have the same centre of interests, at a musical and cultural level.

That’s why we chosen to make this multi-media story about the Festival of Sinksen in Kortrijk. For the 2014 edition, this famous event has last 4 days around all the city:

  • From the afternoon of Friday 6th of June
  • Until late in the night of Monday 9th of June

This festival has an extraordinary system and program because it takes place all around the city on different main places. A lot of different artists were present with their own types of music and their own way of creations. All kind of music were played, such as reggae, electronic, house and techno music and even acid/retro acid that are particular types of music. We could also find places with more commercial music, as dance music (Tango, waltz or popular/traditional).

To represent as good as we could this festival, we decided to create a video of the Eramus students during the weekend of the festival. We tried to take photos and movies of everything we had the opportunity to see and everyone we crossed.

The decision to develop the New Media project during this festival has been taken because of the proximity offers thanks to our location in Kortrijk. Then a lot of Belgian people that we knows recommended us this party. Moreover, an important point bas been that the four days of the show were free during day and night!

In France we are going quiet often to musical festival and we really appreciate it, so we couldn’t miss a Music Festival in our Erasmus city.


2.    Some research supporting the idea (similar campaigns, information about the subject found online to provide background to the story and the support the idea)


Nowadays the majority of Festival organizer are using movies support to promote their events. Their communication has to work in three times: Before, during and after. That’s why they are creating movies after festivals, like that they can use the previous video to promote the next one and so on. This “Trailer” is after published on the social networks and allows people to have a first impression about their future party before to take their decision to attend it or not.

During the event, they are photographing and filming the participants for the future promotion but also to let memories of the party. The photos and video are published on Facebook and Twitter, like this the people can find them and continue to speak about the Festival on the social networks and share it with their friends.

The “After movie” also allows the people to relive the event.

In consequent; it was obvious for us to develop a video to broadcast the Sinksen Festival 2014. In that way, it was easier to show how we felt and what we did during the Festival.

The “Sinksen Festival” it’s one of the biggest event inside and nearby Kortrijk.

But unfortunately, they didn’t publish a lot of things on Facebook and other social network concerning the festival. Moreover, the communication about the event has been barely made: They didn’t post the timetable of the party with the different places and dj’s presents.


3.    Justification of the use of the technologies used


First of all, we decided to use movies because it was for us the most relevant tools to promote a Festival. But it’s also an easy and representative way to show the festival from a live point of view.

The first idea was to film the festival with a Go Pro but unfortunately here, in Kortrijk, we didn’t have the opportunity to have this kind of camera. So we decided to use our iPhone to take photos and videos. We tried to capture all the moment with the best quality but sometimes it was hard because of the crowd dancing all over.

To editing the movie we decided to use “Windows Movie Marker” because one of us had already this program on his computer and some experience with it.

Moreover this software is really simple to use but when we saved the record for the first time, we met problems to open it later. Some music were deleted music and movies appeared in black. We had to remake everything with the good timing, good music and good video at the good moment.

To publish the movie on WordPress, we tried to publish the film on YouTube before but unfortunately it didn’t accept our video for a problem of rights privacy. Indeed, we put two music that are not able to be use on Youtube, One core night from the sickest squad and Jamming frm Bob Marley.

At the end, thanks to the advice of our teacher, we succeed to publish it on vimeo with a smaller format.

4.    Reflection of working with the technologies used


As we mentioned before we having been a bit limited with our technology used due to our Erasmus program exchange. We couldn’t have enough video to create the perfect after party video due to the limited place of stock available in phones. Then, the quality of the music was in general not enough clear to be published on the movie. The images quality were also a bit blurred sometimes with the lights show and the dark nights.

On the other hand, this device has been really practical for us because of different elements: its size, the easy way to take a video by just pushing a button then we all have an iPhone so we could take video from different point of view and at different places.

We choose “Windows Movie Maker” because it was already installed on our Windows computer. At the beginning it was very simple to use it and the construction of the movie was really fast. Unfortunately when we saved the video for the first time to continue it later we had many problems the video was almost empty…

The technologies are practical and allow us to create good promotion tools but it has sometimes problems that we can’t every time solved or find other solutions.