Who remembers the good old days, when the Internet did not exist, children played outside in the fresh air, and people actually read newspapers? With the internet gaining such popularity, privacy has become a thing of the past. Internet privacy becomes „trash” when it comes to website users giving out their personal details on the Internet. One of the main privacy concerns is weather websites should be allowed to track visitors in virtual environment or not. One and most popular example is Facebook. Facebook have very few ways to protect and restrict the outside developers of games, quizzes and other user generated content information flow from accessing users profile information. I believe that it’s not just social network providers who are responsible for privacy in first place I put users as many users completely don’t care about content which they publish on internet and make it public to anyone who has access to internet. One of brightest examples is this meme:


Privacy is also connected to the field of my studies, because I study finance and if combine internet environment and financial field I guess we come to one of most protected and safer privacy policies in internet – online banking and online stock exchange markets. We cannot compare online banking and social networks, because purpose of websites are completely different. But we can compare accessibility of third parties to both content. People think that in social networks they are completely safe when it gets to status update or photo upload, they don’t even think that content that is made public is very hard to erase after. But at the same time people are very cautions when it gets to login into online bank system or online payments. I’d say people under-appreciate importance of information which they sometimes make public. I really liked our little “social experiment” during classes where we had to find out information about each other in internet. It also proved that in most cases there are privacy issues as some people were surprised about other findings and amount of information that “internet” knows about them. To avoid that I think people should pay more attention to content they make public and accessible to anyone, as you never know who will examine this information and for what purpose it can be used. One of most ridiculous stories is about thief who uploaded pictures of self from stolen iPhone, revealing himself to police and victim.

Lately there are also BIG cases involving privacy and user tracking one of loudest ones was “ACTA” (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) which raised huge camping “Say No to ACTA” and resulted by actions of European Data Protection Supervisor that has issued its findings on the ACTA and came to conclusion that it’s illegal. The review of the treaty found that the text as it stands poses and “unacceptable” risk to the rights of EU citizens and requires highly intrusive monitoring of internet user’s habits for the sake of protecting intellectual property.

I think everyone is responsible for privacy him/her-self and in future there are going to be more and more examples of how harmful it might be not to respect privacy terms in public space such as social networks!