New Media – Privacy


The theory that I have chosen to present is PRIVACY because it’s a subject that I am very interested. I use the internet all the days, so I am concerned by this issue, again I have an account Facebook where people publish pictures of me and where I publish pictures of people account.

Sometimes confidentiality is not respected…Sometimes I take pictures on the internet without the permission of the site or I watch videos where we can see young people who are not major. At this moment the rules of confidentiality are not respected.In fact, usually the parents say nothing, but we can not forget that it is normally prohibited.

In class, when we read the Official Rules on some website like Facebook, Twitter and others we have noticed that the information we give are often shared. I did not know before, but now I’ll be more careful.

I also chose this topic because in a group work in the course of e-commerce we had to create a website where we had to sell items. We chose to sell watches of a certain brand. We did copy and paste for some products and for a presentation of the original website. At the end of this project we have published on the internet as a website. About 3 days later we received an email from this brand to tell us that we did not have the right to do what that because we took their information and to ask us to remove the site soon as possible. We have removed the site directly, after a bit of stress we thought we had done a good job as the brand we had found us!

Since this moment I pay more attention to what I do and what I take on the internet.


I am currently in business school in France and I think this topic is very important. I studied principally marketing.

It is frequently used by company to make them known, to make people react. We need to know how to attract the attention of people while respecting the confidentiality rules, or for example in a video pay attention to all the details as not to display facts that could be misinterpreted by consumers…

I can give an example of a teaser for a surfing competition in France, where a car goes on sand so it does not respect the environment, a girl appears very sexy, but we never see his face, it does not show the friendly and sporty side of the surfing world. This video has been misinterpreted by people who are surfing and many videos were created for a laugh of it. In the second year of my education, I had already had new media class, but they were very different.

They were more specialized in marketing; we have extensively studied the videos that made the “BUZZ” on the internet. I liked to compare two same course but in two different schools because I learned very different things.


I found this course very interesting and relevant because in a week we had the opportunity to see several topics, that I preferred is privacy.

All Topics we will always be useful in our lives because internet is according to me a second world, we must know how it was created as well as rules on the net is like on the road, we do not do that we want. Before attending this course, I believed we could make all the private information that we want such as clicking a button on Facebook to delete all information about us. Now that I attended in New Media I know when I publish information about me, many can be seen by people. But if one day I want to remove them, there will always be signs of what I say or publish.

The problem is not only present in social networks. If we are looking for information about us on Google, sometimes we can findwhere you live on websites, or even pictures. That is why we must be careful when we give our informations…