In Spain I am studying Business and Management, and there I don´t have any course like this New Media however we  have some courses that have relation with the media like      E-commerce and in a lot of the courses we use informatics programmes for example for Accountancy or Econometrics. This is one of the main reasons because I chose this course, and also because through the New Media you can do that a lot of people know you.

This is dangerous because if you upload a lot of information about yourself in internet everybody can watch so is good to be carefully with the information that you put in Facebook, Twitter… Furthermore nowadays the companies when you apply for a work are going to look for you in internet and this is going to make part of their reasons for give you the wotk or to another person.

And about what I expect that my knowledge about  New Median can be beneficial for me in a future when I am working. I  want to work in something relation with marketing so New Media is other way of do marketing using new ways for arrive to the customers and is very important for the advertisement.

Through the New Media you can give a lot of information to the customers:

–          General information about the company

–          General information about products

–          Targeted, individual retrieval of information about products

–          Targeted, individual retrieval of information about supply or customer status

–          Targeted, individual provision of information

–          Answers to inquiries, supporting information

–          Articulation of satisfaction/dissatisfaction

–          Sharing experiences with other customers

Because all that I think that the New Media is very important for business because it has a big relation with business and management as it is very important for advertisement and for be know between the customers, here attach a link where explain what can happen to a company if you don´t use the New Media VIDEO.