New media

Nowadays the world is globalized, what that it means? It’s the process of international integration, so with other words, everybody is connected with each other and this is possible because off the communication, transport… so we have the opportunity to be knowledge around all world in easier way than years before.

I’m studying business management and in my own opinion this course of new media have been important in my studies because in my previous studies I’ve studied general things about the economy, analysis about companies and marketing aspects among other things but never something so deep inside the sales because the new media helps you, your company and your product to be known by customers, and that is for me the key of the success, because your product could be really good, even the best of the market but if nobody knows that you exist you will not sell anything, but if you achieve everyone know you, maybe they don’t like you but at least they think about you and your product probably they have the chance to buy it.

In this course we show the different ways of communication that exist and which ones are the most important nowadays, how the people is using internet, and how the companies are using internet to involucrate people to buy their product, I also learn that is very important the image you want to give because sometimes is more important sell the image of the company than one single product, in that case people will like what are you doing for them and maybe they will share this with the people they know, and this is the point of new media, because people trust people and if you put something in internet everybody can see it, and if they like what you show will be good for you, sometimes doesn’t matter if what are you selling is better than the competitors or not, if they know you surely they will prefer you.

The social network and the new media have a lot of advantages as I said, but is also dangerous because everybody can find you and your product also even when you don’t want to saw it to nobody. So we have to be careful with what are we hanging on internet, and be sure about what I’m putting because as I said everybody can see it. And this is not only about companies is also about personal lives. So be careful because everybody can find something about you.

To sum up, in my humble opinion new media is really important to do business and is getting even more important, so study it was good choice.


Francisco Masiá Martínez