Nowadays, New media are very frequent in our lives. Generation “X” has seen technology evolve and assisted in the creation of new media. Our Generation “Y” grew up with this phenomenon: the new media and Generation X was born with it.

In “Customer Relationship Management”, we study many courses as marketing, communication, customer relationship management or law… But we never had New Media. This course is important to me because it teaches us to manage the social networks but also learn the importance of the privacy of information, images, loved that we publish pages on social networks.

Yes, privacy is very important not only in life in general, but also in my spinneret “Customer Relationship Management”.

Social network in France: 77% of French people have a social network profile

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In France we can see that many people have a social network profile, more than half. But what kind of information is posted on the net? People protect does really their privacy?


What is privacy? And what’s « Customer Relationship Management »?

Privacy is made ​​to ensure that the information is only accessible to those whose access is allowed. Such as social networks, in Facebook, you can find a “Privacy” tab in order to manage “who can see my information? “, ” Who can contact me? “, «How to prevent someone from contacting me? “.

Customer relationship management is the act of organizing and implementing the procedures for processing requests from clients, consumers (suggestions, complaints, needs, …) related to the departments (marketing, sales, communication,. ..), according to the objectives of loyalty and customer satisfaction. Simply by studying MRC, we learn to understand the customer’s needs and requests.
As said at the beginning of the article, the new media are now very present in our lives and almost everyone is a little addicted, especially among young people.

This implies that everyone must adapt to these changes. Particularly the companies have to adapt it.

In France, more than 30% of companies are active on social networks. Companies realize that these new media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo …) are revolutionizing the relationship that they have with their client, which must be more responsive and personalized.

The actions companies are increasingly scrutinized by thousands of observers now connected.

This increases the power of customers and the quality of their purchasing decisions.

The concept of customer relationship management cannot ignore this phenomenon, the question remains of how to incorporate practical social networks and user communities.


What is the link between new media and Customer Relationship management?

Today anyone can find anything on you.

In our field of education, including customer relationship management, we learn that social networks are evolving enormously and they are important in our lives. When you work in a company, we manage social networking business but also are careful what will be on our pages.

Unfortunately, the new media can also be harmful.

Young posting anything on social networks: compromising photos (parties, boyfriends …), inadequate laws, “like” a page without thinking of future consequences.

But, unfortunately, they do not think that could see their pages. As a recruiter companies or recruiters of business schools that they are now on social networks using the information provided by the search engines, social networking sites, photo / video sharing sites, sites web and personal blogs and Twitter. And many recruiters rejected candidates based on information on the Internet.

In my license “customer relationship management”, it is proposed to me during my third year, to make an alternation. Thereafter, if I want to do a master, it will also be offered to do an alternation in a company. So I have to be careful what I post but also control my privacy policies: who can see what.

New media can have an effect on employment. Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age.

Internet has brought new concerns about privacy at a time when computers can permanently store records where every online photo, status update can be stored forever.


How the government makes to protect the privacy of people on the net?

In France we have the CNIL: National council for computers and freedom issues. It was created in 1978 with the 1st law about computers, files and liberties (data privacy).

This is a French administrative authority created to protect data privacy and citizens right in the digital world.

The mission is to ensure that data privacy law is applied to the collection, storage and use of personal data.
The most important : to be careful of our privacy on the net !