VIVES University College, with its modern and competence-based higher education, its innovative practical research, and its services provided to society, offers an adequate response to today’s and tomorrow’s social challenges.

With approximately 13,000 students, VIVES is the biggest university college in Flanders.

The departments are located in 6 historical sites: Brugge, Kortrijk, Oostende, Roeselare, Tielt and Torhout.

Justification of the idea:

The opening of a brand new student residence in Kortrijk! That is something new for students who come to study to VIVES, because for many years all incoming/Erasmus students were split to many different living places. Common living for Erasmus students in one building is something new in Belgium.

Video would promote VIVES like university, show its growth and development, new opportunities and care for students. It would give personal touch to viewers and potential both Belgian students and Erasmus students of VIVES through existing Erasmus student opinions and emotions. Uploading video on YouTube, would reach more people, who would be interested about VIVES and new student residence.

Research supporting the idea:

Our group made a research on the Internet, trying to find information about student residence. We checked Twitter accounts like @hantalkortrijk@VIVEShogeschool, but unfortunately we didn’t found any information which would inform that there will be a new student residence.

In sunny day on 11th of June our group gathered together to meet with Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES Kortrijk housing officer Steve Vangroenweghe. Like we arranged previously, he took us to new student residence.

1New student residence is located in the city center at Meersstraat 1, 8500 Kortrijk.

Despite the fact, that student residence is approximately 3,5 km away from VIVES, students have opportunity to go to school by bike (which they can profitable rent in Mobiel) or by bus (provided by company De Lijn), when bus stops are next to train station. Also students don’t need to go far from student house to buy their daily products – nearest and cheapest supermarket Colruyt is only 750 m away.

Detailed info see further:

Meersstraat 1 Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES: 3,5 km

Meersstraat 1  train station : 850 m

Meersstraat 1  Colruyt : 750 m

Right now new student residence is under construction works. Officially it needs to be ready by 1st of September. Firm which is working for this project says that it will be done till 3rd of July. Our team members wish them luck and success to realize their goal!

Regarding to project, new student residence from the outside is supposed to look like in the next photo.


Housing officer told to us that it is probably the first student house in Belgium where all Erasmus students will live together. VIVES is renting this building.

It have 5 floors (including basement) and at the start of the next academic year (September 2014) this building will open its doors to as many as 80 Erasmus students. In addition to the rooms for Erasmus students, there is also accommodation reserved for 25 Belgian students.

(Pictures of new student residence have visual purpose, because of construction works)

It is planned that in the top floor will live Belgian students, in the rest of the building – Erasmus students. There will be one person responsible for internal order.

In each floor will be one large and light kitchen. Exception will be for 1st floor students – their kitchen will be in the basement floor.

There will be provided two types of rooms – double and single. In each room are private shower and toilet. Rooms are light, with big windows.

Price for a single room is €1450/semester, price for a double room is €2100/semester.

Students who will apply for room in student residence, will need to pay a payment of the deposit which is €200. This security deposit will provide that the room, the common places and the furniture are clean and undamaged. It will be reimbursed back to the student after students stay if everything will be good according to all conditions. Comparing with other years students don’t need to pay the mediation fee (€ 100,00) anymore.

All paying system is easier for housing officer. There is no need to negotiate with landlords anymore about prices for accommodations which they offered for students till now.

In the inner yard of the building will be made garden, where students can rest and relax.

In the basement floor will be a big garage for cars and bikes. Also there will be recreation room which will be used for both kitchen for 1st floor students (as we mentioned before) and party place.

Where Erasmus students lived till now?

‘ t Hoge 39, ‘ t Hoge 41, Oudenaardsesteenweg 67, Sijnt-Denijsestraat 96, Schaapsdreef 42Magdalenastraat 35, Steenbakkerstraat 36-38Volksplein 51Boerderijstraat 27.

Justification and reflection of the use of the technologies used:

It’s always good to hear personal thoughts and experiences from real people which already have experienced to live in an environment with Erasmus people and all conditions and consequences which follows from it.

Our group interviewed Erasmus students and took a video with their answers. Questions which we asked them was:

  1. Do you know that there will be a new student residence for VIVES students?
  2. Would you be interested to live in the center of the city, with 80 Erasmus students and 25 students from Belgium?
  3. Do you think this project is a good idea? Why?

Knowing all information which is given about new residence (costs, place, amount of people), does the Erasmus students want to live in the place like this.

Gathering all materials which we had, we made a video using program Windows Live Movie Maker. In video we put photos from new student residence which we took when we were there, video interviews with Erasmus students and photo of new student residence from VIVES website.

When video was edited and finished, we uploaded it on Youtube.

Final result:



Special thanks to Elitsa Koeva, Gautham Prakash, Kristaps Loginovs, Rocío Martín Buenaposada and Antonio Sanchez Miras who participated in the video.


Group members: Klinta Toka, Claire Defalque, Rafael Blanes.