1. Why “Paul’s Fresh Food Boutique”?

We started to think about subject of our project and came up with idea about Paul’s Fresh Food Boutique. Firstly we were thinking about the Broel Towers but then we decided that besides touristic attraction it will be hard to promote bridge. So we started to think about something simple and common, that’s why we decided that Paul’s Fresh Food Boutique is a perfect choice for our project.

Restaurant is located in the city center and it has a lot of customers – when we were there, in a half hour we saw approximately 10 people. It is popular place for local inhabitants and also it is appreciated by many Erasmus students.

This burger restaurant is also unique because of its “not standardized” tableware – different style of mugs, plates and cutlery. For example, mugs with Superman symbol on them.

We wanted to create a video which could show where even people not from Kortrijk can get tasty food. Paul’s Boutique offers good quality food in available prices. People don’t need to spend a lot to be full.

  1. Analysis

When we were doing research in the Internet about Paul’s Fresh Food Boutique, we found website of restaurant. It’s very simple, with only basic information. It seems that in the website restaurant wants to highlight their motto: “The best burgers in town!” It is a little bit disappointing, that it’s not possible to magnify posted pictures. And maybe it could be more attractive if they actually would have some pictures with their burgers.

The website redirect us also to their Facebook page which is more like their fan page in an open group form, where people can post even things which are not connected with restaurant. Besides that, Paul’s Boutique on Facebook have also their own page with 2458 likes.

There is also redirection link in the website to Google maps with coordinates of Paul’s Boutique’s location.

We found Paul’s Fresh Food Boutique on Foursquare. Totally 1749 people had been checked-in and there have been left 16 tips. Besides some basic information, there are 46 pictures with happy clients, burgers or people eating burgers.

Burger restaurant don’t have any other official profiles in other social networks like in Twitter or Youtube. When we searched key words “Paul’s Boutique” on Twitter, it found a lot of tweets which were not connected with burger restaurant in Kortrijk, but with some music album and accessories.

  1. Justification of the tools.

We used Animoto, because it was easy to use, but there are several disadvantages. For example, Animoto allows to use only their own templates and on Android platform it didn’t allow to add our own soundtrack which we made in the beginning by using Songify. That’s why we had to apply available music from the music library. Animoto also didn’t allow to download the video directly to computer, phone or tablet. The only option to download the video is by purchasing the application.

The good point of Animoto is that we were able to use it even without reading instructions, because it is built on easy to use platform. Available templates had preview mode, so before applying template we could see how it looks, and it saved our time. Even though we couldn’t upload our own music, the bright side was that Animoto offers filter where we can choose music style by its gender.

After preparing video, we decided to upload it on Youtube. We made it available to see it only for people who have the link to video.

If you still have doubts whether to go to eat to Paul’s Fresh Food Boutique or not, here are a lot of good reviews from people who have been there already and enjoyed their meal.

Bon appétit!


Group members: Alicja Cedzidło, Kristaps Loginovs, Inga Toka.