Engulfed us general trend of exhibitionism. He drives the world of the blogosphere, social networking sites, reigns throughout the net in the media, in the arts. You want it or not man stumbles at every step of the private lives of other people. You could read about it, you can view them. Even can evaluate. People give the impression that simply cannot wait to boast to others of your life, accomplishments, demerits or stupidity.
As if they were not sure whether their life, appearance, association or views are worth something if others they did not say.

On the other hand, we are including your own private world of locked as oysters. In the virtual world we can get to a real ascent and comments and good advice. But ignore the crying behind the wall. Often we know what furniture is in the room completely unknown person, but we do not know the name of the neighbor next door.

As for me , I have an inherent feeling that this type of behavior is very childish. Not to say stupid. People seem to not think about the consequences of this , how much reveal the others who often do not have the slightest intention to respect their privacy. And then you are surprised when private photos of drunken parties somehow reach the boss and cause layoffs or when suddenly it turns out that a blog where wife touched the virtues of a lover, remembering is betrayed husband . Not to mention the thieves , who as such are given information about where to hack and steal what when remembering worthy of a better cause put an exact photo documentation of our house or information on planned vacation. Although , and this stick has two ends , because the police also have facilitated the work , when some self-righteous thug , boasts ” your achievements.
Privacy is a problem much bigger than we think. Once people fought for their own privacy today, people give it for free.

Made by Dawid Jamróz