1. Cool hunting in Kortrijk

In the morning the teacher gave us the time to go and search in Kortrijk about the coolest idea that we had to create a story. But we truly had no idea what we supposed to write! So we left the class and went to grab a coffee in the Grote Markt and just have fun. When we were in the central place we saw there were those huge Christmas boxes. But suddenly we realized that in one of them there was one big red button. Oh my Gosh! We started wondering what that button would be there for. And as the reason of leaving the class was to find something cool in Kortrijk we said that was it ! We will investigate what the red button is there for. First we started asking people what they were thinking about it and then some children came. In a moment the place was full of children voices, smiles and happiness everywhere. The feeling of being a child again was in the air. As we felt like children that moment we started act like them and play around with the gifts. The curiosity and imagination of a child doesn’t stop it of doing anything. Our imagination was also running and we had some dreams. In that moment the feeling of pushing the button and see if the dream could come true, was really strong…
Simas had the dream that he is back home with his family and friends in Lithuania
Valentine had the dream of winning the lottery and she imagined the money coming out of the box
Markella had the curiosity of see what is inside the box and what will happen if she could open it.
The mystery around the red button will always remain because who knows what will happen when the button is pushed??? Do you know??? ……..

2. Analysis

Step 1
Firstly we started interviewing people, by telling us their opinion about the red button‘s use and purpose over there. The majority of the questionnaires did not know anything. The rest assumed that would play a major role in the New Years’ Eve! A small percentage of people denied to answer the question and a few people could not speak English, so with the lack of communication we could not have answers.
Step 2
Having the interviews from the passengers, we started creating the concept of the story. How we could present it and what would be the content. With the use of smartphones from 3 different brands we collected photos and videos about the story we would like to tell.
Step 3
Research for previous campaign. We researched about previous campaigns similar with the Red Button and by surprise we found one the same that took place here in Belgium also for an advertisement. The concept was of course different – different purpose and target group- but it gave us a lot of inspiration!

3. Justification of the tools

We decided to record the curiosity and the innocent feeling –like a child- pressing the Red Button. We had the videos and the photos. By the help of the social media pages –Facebook page- the communication and organization of our project was easier. In our opinion this was something funny and especially these days the delivery of laugh is something not easy to find! With our efforts and story we laughed a lot and we really had fun! We hope the same for you too!