Marketing has been one of the most important functions of the business, and the success of the business is directly related to the success of marketing. Marketing has also evolved over the years. In the present day business scenario, majority of the businesses are using the social media and other platforms on Internet, so as to be able to market their products to the customers. Some of the businesses are using the social networks to just advertise their products and services, whereas some other businesses are using these platforms to sell their products and services, as they are able to attract large number of customers without even incurring any costs.

The way in which the marketers used to interact with the customers few decades ago, and the way in which they interact with the customers today, has changed significantly. Earlier, the marketers might have used the one way communication to market their products, but the competition in the market and the evolution of technology has led to interactive communication between the marketers and the customers. The social networks like Facebook have gained huge significance over the last few years; and businesses are using Facebook to not only promote their products and services, but also to manage the relationships with the customers of the business. On these social networks, the customers can also generate content on the business’s page, which can be useful for the marketers in promoting their products.

Relationship with the customer can be maintained through periodic interaction with the customers. Facebook offers an opportunity for a business company to interact with its existing customers and maintain a long lasting relationship with the customers. The customers can seek answers for any of their queries through social media like Facebook. Companies can achieve customer satisfaction by answering the queries of the customers by providing them the information that they need. Moreover, the newsletters, updates, events, and promotional offers that are announced on the Facebook page also help it in building long term relationship with the customers. It can be said that the customer relationship that is maintained through Facebook can be helpful in effective customer relationship management, thereby helping in the achievement of the marketing objectives.

Facebook offers a platform for all the business to use for the purpose of marketing their products and services. The businesses can use the platform of Facebook regardless of the size of the business. The Facebook page for any business or brand can be set up free of cost, so even a small business with no budget for social marketing can set Facebook page. If a small business is looking to build a Facebook page, it has to consider various aspects, so as to connect with its customers effectively.

Finally, it is to conclude that the social media and the user generated content has significantly changed the way, in which marketers communicate with the customers. Initially, it was a one way communication from the marketer, but the social media, and the content generated by the users has made it a two way communication. The customers also want to interact with the businesses that they deal with.