Privacy is valued differently by different generations. For me and it is something another and for my grandmother it is something completely different.
Many people increasingly utilize social Networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Orkut, Linked in and a lot of another but less famous. These networks allow users to publish details about themselves and their lives [sometimes really private] and also connect to their friends and colleagues. However some of the information revealed in these networks should remain private and not published at all. Companies that operate social networks are actually themselves collecting a range of data and details about their users (FB, Google, Twitter, MySpace etc.), both to personalize the services for the users, but more relevant in terms of privacy issues to sell this data to advertisers. In my opinion it is not fair and we should paid more attention on details from our private lives.
We have to be careful in network. The availability of personal information online is also an opportunity for identity thieves, scam artists, debt collectors and stalkers to use the information that people themselves have voluntarily provided in a ways harmful for the owner of the information.
Historically, human conversations were private and made public only through concerted effort. But now in a social media environment, all conversations are public unless you explicitly make them private. Each of our conversation in the network can stay captured and later used against us.
In daily life we have some standard [basic on human nature] rules in network . This principles describe the way we behave when we are using social media tools.
We are more reserved in face-to-face situations with people we know. We perceive greater risk when communicating with people we know. It is really easier to confide in a stranger.
Social networks provide a game- something like atmosphere where collecting friends and building big followings are really important. We are used to think more is better and there does not existed concept like too much.
Networks quickly become a huge jumble of everyone and everything you know. Sometimes it is important for us but in our social network tools we can have a lot of trash and not necessary issue. The most effective way people segment their networks is by using different tools for different groups – the best options LinkedIn for professional networks, Facebook for family and friends.
There are a lot of social networking sites where users share information without adequately reviewing the privacy policies or settings of that particular service. And later they leave themselves open to breaches of their privacy. It is important issue for users and all of them need to think twice or more before they set up an account and share information or details on any site. Users of network must get into the habit of navigating those sites and reading everything what users can find on website. We are this users so we need to know how informations are used / shared and select appropriate settings for account, to maintain our privacy.
Privacy is a broad and important topic. Ascertaining your risk requires recognition about how the tools work and how we relate to people we encounter while we using them. Regardless of our position, it is important to understand social media is designed to encourage people to abandon privacy. We connect with people we do not know and we do it often. And, perhaps most importantly, social media is happening in real time. Our networks are interrelated in ways it is hard to comprehend. It used to take days or weeks for a town gossip to inflict real damage. Reputations can be ruined on a global scale within minutes.