Me, Cristina Maria Codreanu, together with Dawid Jamróz and Sébastien Romeur we created a story about Erasmus Christmas in Hantal.

At first we thought to promote Kortrijk, to make the city famous and make it a tourist place in Flanders. But the idea has already been made last year so we decided to find another idea. Christmas holidays were near so we were thinking to do something for making the others feel good in this time of year: happiness, sharing, family. Some of us left for Christmas home so we decided to say the story of the last two days before Christmas holiday.

We did not need some exact references because we wanted to describe exactle the feelings of Erasmus students in the last 2 days before holidays. We saw the Christmas decorations and the excitment of the other students and we start doing it.

Christmas is timeless, will never be outdated. This topic is still going fresh.

Do we know what are the traditions in other countries? How people at the university respond to different Christmas attractions?

We want to find the answers through our project and with our optimal results we can improve future events at the university.

We decided to start by creating a twitter account because it’s easy to use and because we have quick answers. It was not a success because we did not had so many followers but we shown directly what is happening in the last two days.

Our references for this were the ten reasons for using twitter and the statistics that show us the fact that twitter is going bigger and bigger and we wanted to be there also.

We created also a facebook account because we wanted to put all the picture from the events and to show people in details how was there.

Our references for this were not academic because we discussed with the other Erasmus students and almost everyone has a facebook account so we wanted to be active their also because everyone knows that a picture is worth a 1000 words. In our facebook account we put the pictures from the Pre-Christmas party so everybody can have a memory from that party.

We creted also a youtube channel because we wanted for everybody to have a place to see when they want the Christmas decorations in Hantal the personnal decorations, the Christmas tree and  the Christmas candles. It’s a way to help them to have a memory to show to their families if they went home and to just remember if they stayed here.

Our references for this step are again not academic. We did the youtube chanel to learn to use it because we did not know so much about this.

For the penultimate day before Christmas holiday we did a storyfy but if you want to see how was the last day you have to go to our twitter account because we really liked working with twitter and we are sure that if you give it a chance you will like it too.

See you there.