Sergej Dubonosov
Oudernadentensweeg 67
January 4, 2014
Privacy Essay

Nowadays word privacy is disappearing, because of modern technologies and influence of the internet. During New media lectures, we realized that we only think that people do not know about us, but unfortunately for us and the thing what we need to keep in mind, that everything that we do in the internet is always collected in data base and so called “ Big brothers” are watching and controlling us.

Firstly, I would like to mention that, even if we do not post pictures/ photos in to the internet, but our colleagues or friends doing this, we cannot delete it from data base, we can only report this user, make them delete photo or untag ourselves from photo, but everything is saved and can be always used against us. Secondly, people have to accept that strangers can view personal information on social network such as, What is more, we must be afraid that companies or government are constantly viewing people’s activity online for variety of reasons. Moreover, I would like to become a businessman and all information which is in the internet can show to other people not my best side.

Despite the fact, that people can find everything that they want about person in the internet, I made good move (let’s say it like in chess) I did not wrote my true identity, they cannot find me by my last name, because I made an alias (nickname) and I added only people whom I want to see online or communicate via internet. Moreover, in my country some people are really violent and for better security from others do not reveal all your identity. As for my future job, all the information what people will find about me would be true, because of the internet we cannot keep our selves in secret, make our lives more private as it was a long time ago.

To sum up, we are leaving in fast moving world, where technologies are improving every day and we cannot do anything about this, the only option left for us for not being spied for 100% and keep our selves more secret is to make nicknames or give less information about us to the internet, sometimes people suffering because of their past and cannot build their future.