1.  Why DUMON Chocolatier?

We started from brainstorming the ideas about what can we create story about. Firstly we were thinking about the Chips- club nearby VIVES but then we decided that besides partying we cannot get any opinion about it from students. So we started to think about something simple that creates emotions. We decided that chocolate is a perfect choice for our project.

We choose DUMON Chocolatier store because it is located in the city center and it did not have that much clients- during two hours we spent there we saw only two clients. Firstly we asked the Woman that was selling chocolate in the shop if we can create a digital story about the shop she is working in. She was really happy about the idea and we started the job.

We wanted to create the ad that connects chocolate with a pleasure and happiness. Our goal was to capture the moment of joy that chocolate gives you when you taste it. We bought some pralines and we started to look for people that we could record for video usage. We have chosen different people with different background and we have recorded a small movie while they have been eating the chocolate. We also asked them if they know the chocolate brand.

2.    Analysis

While taking videos we were asking people if they know the brand we were ‘promoting’. Unfortunately only one person knew it. We have found it surprising because the shop is in the main street and it is quite big.  After that we decided to search in the Internet. Immediately we have found the website of the whole brand. The shop we are presenting is a part of a big chain that is present in different cities among Belgium. The story of the company dates back to 1992 when Stephan Dumon opened the first shop in Torhout. Then the company expanded to other cities; Brugge (2006), in Kortrijk (2010) and then in Luxembourg, Honk Kong and Spain (2013). The website redirected us also to their Facebook page. The last post is from 25th December . They joined Facebook on 28th January and they are really active ever since but they have only 310 likes. Dumon Chocolatier has a YouTube channel  but with only one movie with 747 views. They have no Twitter account (yet) and they are not present in any other media.

3.    Justification of the tools

We decided to record the short ad that corresponds to the emotions that chocolate creates. Doctors say that while eating the chocolate your brain produces endorphin and you feel like in love. We wanted to capture this moment- the moment of joy and pleasure. We decided to buy the chocolates and share it with a people on the streets and in the meantime record them. In our opinion this is the most authentic way of showing emotions.

Then we came back to the class and we started to put the film together. From the beginning in our project we used whole range of media devices: iPhone to record people and take some pictures, Windows Movie Maker to create the movie, YouTube voice download to download the music without video itself and to publish our video, Prezi to present the results, Facebook, Twitter to check the media existence of DUMON Chocolatier. We posted the final effect on YouTube and shared it with the shop owner.

4. How did that work for us.

Please enjoy the final result!


Justyna, Sergej and Joanna