When we arrived to Katho, the coordinator of our department informed us about restaurants, cafes and so on, but he also informed us about vehicle facilities. The coordinator gave us a card which allows us to take the bus as many times as we wanted, as long as it was inside Kortrijk but he also told us that we were able to rent a bike if we pay 5 euros monthly. He told us that the bike would give us freedom because we would not have to be aware of the schedule of the buses. He also told us that the bike would give us freedom because we would be able to go everywhere.

After listening to his speech, most of the erasmus students, decided to go to the Mobiel shop to rent a bike and after almost these five months we all confirm what the coordinator said because we felt really independent while using the bike.


Mobiel is a social and a non-profit organization whose mission and vision are oriented towards a sustainable development. As I said, their goal is not to get profit but to increase the mobility of the bicycle. They want to get this not only to make people have a better, a healthier and a happier life but also to keep Kortrijk being a green place. Here is another reason why we have chosen Mobiel.

This company has 28 employees and what is peculiar about them is that they are employees who have problems with finding a job. Most of them have been unemployed for many years and are coming from foreign countries, such as, Morocco, Senegal, Russia or Sri Lanka.

This social company rents bicycles to different kind of people and I am going to explain them in the following lines:

  • The yellow bikes are dedicated to the students coming from Katho, Howest and Kulak and each student has to pay 5 euros per month in order to use it.
  • The blue bikes are dedicated to people who are not students, that is to say, for older people. Renting this bike costs 10 euros per month.
  • The dark blue bikes are dedicated to people who want to rent a bike for a day. They can be rented in the train station and its 3 euros for 18 hours.


Apart from renting bicycles they also offer the following services:

  • They sell second-hand, recycled and nearly new bikes.
  • They repair bikes.
  • They organize many activities related to cycling.
  • They sell maps to do trips by bicycle, material to repair the bike and many more things related to bikes.

In the future, Mobiel would like to continue growing as they have been doing in these last 13 years. They would like to have more bikes to be rented and to be sold and also  to open some shops in other cities. Another goal for this company is to keep a very good cooperation with its partners because of course together they can do more for Kortrijk, for people, for society.

Mobiel Partners:


Mobiel has many accounts that are used to advert their products and services. The network they use the most is their web page, http://www.mobiel.be/, where they let customers see their news, products and services. Basically, here you can find all the information you need in both Dutch and English.

Apart from that they also use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter as a way of getting people to know them.

In the following lines we are going to analyze the social networks that Mobiel uses:


When used properly, a company’s presence on Facebook will begin to produce positive recommendations among friends, associates, and groups with shared interests. How does Mobiel use this opportunity?

For Mobiel Facebook is the main social media platform and apparently, Mobiel is  quite active on it.

This company started to use its Facebook account in 2007. From that day to nowadays they got 361 likes, 33 people are talking about it and 63 people were there.

This numbers from our point of view are quite low because if we compare them to other companies from Kortrijk, such as, K in Kortrijk, Stad Kortrijk, Delhaize, they are much more lower.The event promoted at the last period was Bike – Parade 2013.

If we analyse their statistics, we can see that Kortrijk is the most popular city, it means the city where people most talk about the company. And people from 25 to 34 years old are those who most speak about it. In their site they have 123 pictures, and the most popular week was the week of the 19th May 2013.

Twitter: This company started to use this account in 2009 and today they follow 121 people and has 163 followers. From 2009 to nowadays they wrote 1.252 tweets which means that they wrote 0.85 tweets per day.

We have to say that although this company comments or tweets often, their comments in the two Networks we have just mentioned and analysed are the same due to the fact that they are linked. The only difference which exists between these two social Networks is that their posts and the photos or movies they use in Facebook,  sometimes are not the same because in twitter you just can post a short tweet while in Facebook you have the chance to give more information.

The total number of people using twitter and tweeting about the search term, is called, Reach.  And the total accounts reached are 478. while talking about the exposure, we can say that it is the  number of times that they tweet about the search term delivered to twitter streams. The total impressions generated  is 500.



This company has a very short description of the products and services they offer (5 products and services). Moreover, this information is in Dutch although the majority of the clients are foreigners who normally do not speak Dutch. On the twenty-eight employees they have, only four people are members of LinkedIn and 13 people  are  following  this company.

It is normal that this company doesn’t want a LinkedIn account that offers more benefits because you have to pay for it. LinkedIn is a professional networking website which operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 225 million members in over 200 countries and territories.  Mobiel is a small company and people to whom it is addressed are not on LinkedIn. They recruit their future employees taking into account their social problems. Most of them have problems with finding a job. With this kind of attitude, Mobiel respects its mission, trying to take care of the people and their environment. Sustainable development means also a better world.


Mobiel in the end of 2012, also decided to create a foursquare account in order to increase the number of customers and they obtained good results in relation with the likes because 7 out of 10 people liked this page but, unfortunately, they did not succeed in their goals because not many people checked in.

Mobiel also uses other sources to let people know about their target, they put advertisements in the streets and here we can see one of the events: Bike-Parade 2013.

“On Sunday 19th May 2013, Mobiel is organising its third Bike Parade in the streets of Kortrijk. The parade is a bi-annual bike event at which participants cycle a loop through the city streets. The aim of it is to show that cycling is fun and practical, and to attract as many bike-minded people to Kortrijk as possible”.

Also in the University of Katho, you can see advertisement about the company. In JIMS they did a small competition for sportive people to promote the enterprise.

Some information about Mobiel can be also found on YouTube and, of course, in the local newspaper.

Adil Derkak

Quimey Biancolini

Nicoleta Tanase

Maria Ijurco