Why deDingen?

We chose deDingen because for us it seemed interesting little place. We also found them in Twitter, facebook, pinterest, foursquare and Vimeo. For such a small Café they are using a lot of social media. deDingen has a whole philosophy behind their company. They want to stay quite small and cozy place.  Everything they are selling they know where it’s coming from, for example they don’t have the most well known Belgium beers, they prefer smaller breweries. Once they had couple of customers from Africa and they happened to have a chocolate farm and now the chocolate you get from deDingen is from Africa. Some stuff you see in the café you can buy, for example the art work on the walls. In the future deDingen would like to do more cooperation with local Buda Arts Center. Customers are at all ages around the world. The place is quite small and it might be hard to find a table so you can just pull yourself a chair and sit with the strangers, that’s kind of the whole meaning of deDingen.




The café has its own webpage deDingen. In the home page you can find the last news or the future events there. For example, parties and concerts. Also, they include some videos of people performing in the café. Moreover, the website offers general information as the adress, contact, description of the place or a few photos.



However, we realize that the website is a bit poor because it doesn’t have too many information and it is still in construction because they have some tabs without information.


The café has profile in facebook, vimeo, twitter, spotify, fourthsquare and lastfm. In other social networks like pinterest or instagram the name of deDingen appears because other people have posted something about it, but they don’t have an account.


To start we are going to analyze their facebook site where we can see that they have 3,102 likes, this means that they have a lot of followers for being a small restaurant which principals were to remain small and homely. We can also say that 613 people posted that they have been there and 235 people are talking about it that is a big number.


The posts that we can find in this page are about the events planned and information related to the café. Also, they upload photos of different parts of the café or other artistic photos that have a relation with the café because of the same style.


The owner of the bar told us that facebook was a way to be in contact with friends and with the people that have visited the café and want to offer him products to be sold.


Regarding to twitter, they are following at 507 people, they are followed by 596 and about the tweets, 3,570. They are following quite a lot of people in comparison in the number of citizens that are following them. As we are following it, we have realized that they post everyday and many times. They inform also about events in the city or they recommend some other cafés, bars or restaurants. Although, they name many people they don’t have many retweets.

It was curious for us the many tweets they have and the followers so we asked, the owner told us that for him despite the fact that he wanted the café to remain cozy he also wanted to keep in touch with clients from other countries this is why in twitter they are following so many people.

When talking about those two sites we have to emphasize that both pages are linked one to the other so all the posts on Facebook also appear in twitter.




Referring to Fouthsquare, they are also having check in. In this site they have 358 visitors, 1,135 checks-ins and 17 tips. It has a punctuation of 7 over 10. They also include some photos and they mention the facebook page not the website.


Finally, in relation with the others social medias we cannot add too much information. In lastfm we can find the owner’s profile who has add the link of the café’s website and he has 130,304 scrobblings, in spotify they have a list of tracks and in vimeo they have uploaded three videos about concerts in the café but they haven’t succeed a lot.



Creative – Idea and implementation


For doing the project, we first focused on how we could develop the video. We thought it would be a good idea to do the video by taking the logo and in each (circle) do a zoom inside and in each one you can find a part of the work that we have to develop.


We will start with the history of the bar and their philosophy which is not buying food and drink from big commercial companies if not invest their money in buying in farms or small companies around Kortrijk.


Second, we have focused in the analysis of their sites in order to know how well-known is the bar, if they have a lot of impact on people or not.


We have decided to do all this with the program called prize which will allow us do all the putting together. Then we recorded the owner of the bar explaining us how the restaurant works and last but not least, we have given an important role in our work to the cat (Rene). Who is Rene? Is a cat that is always in the bar and is characteristic in the café.

Link to the video



Mate, Berta,Maria & Milla