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Dell Inc. (formerly Dell Computer) is an American multinational computer technology corporation based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide.

Since 1984, Dell has played a critical role in enabling more affordable and accessible technology around the world. As an end-to-end computing solutions company, Dell continues to transform computing and provide high quality solutions that empower people to do more all over the world.

Where is Dell in my life? We have started to use Dell 8 years ago. Still we are using Dell computers. But the question still persists the real reason has not been mentioned yet. How did we choose it? It was our first laptop in our life. My father always wanted and still wants the best. He searched for a very long time and decided to buy a Dell computer. Because he heard that Dell is one of the best PC computers in the world. Also it is durable and all-in-all a very good investment. If we want to look at the result, then we can conclude that he did not make any mistakes. Still my parents are using the same computer. However my sister is using new a Dell computer. We never abandon using the Dell products. Our history started like this and I want to choice this brand because it has a special meaning for my family. If I were to be honest we have not read anything about the privacy policy regarding the use of the computers or of the social media platforms in which they have a huge fan base.

We just accept the privacy policy and continue with the most important and (some might think) the most interesting part. However, this course made me really curious about their privacy policy, so I read it and further on I will interpret it, especially when it comes to the social media integration and policies of the Dell Company and products which belong in the same category.

Another reason is I want to see to Dell different perspective. We are just user of computer. But in the same time we are costumer. We have to see what Dell exhibit to us. What is useful for us? What is wrong for us? We can learn all of this.

When you use Dell computer, you never regret it. You can take your moneys response. Dell is worth buying.

“We serve customers ranging from the world’s largest businesses and public-sector organizations, to small and medium businesses, and individual consumers.”



– Dell encourages all employees to use Social Media the right way and this policy should help you on that path.

-If you work for Dell, when you talk about Dell on Social Media, the company wants you to disclose that you work for Dell. Also Dell says that you should know and remember the 10 magic words: “Hello, my name is [NAME], and I work for Dell.”

-Dell employees hold themselves to high ethical standards, as their Code of Conduct spell out, and that applies to Social Media just like everything else you do as a Dell employee.

-Dell employees are internalizing their job. If you are working for Dell, you should feel special. Dell’s target is to give special service to the customers. If Dell gives good quality computers, its workers have to be same. This gives a very good brand identity and not only that, it shows that people view working for Dell as an accomplishment.


Marketing /communication professionals

-If you’re interested in social media, whether personally or professionally, you should look into our Social Media and Communities University (SMaC U) classes.

So apart from the control that is done by the company and customers, Dell is also offering special courses to get the consumer immersed (in a positive way) in the social media environment no matter for which cause (professionally or personally, as they have mentioned)

– If you have any questions about social media you can ask everything about this by simply sending an email to the following address: So their communication with the clients doesn’t simply revolve around Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other sites. They offer the possibility of contacting the people which are specialised in answering questions regarding social media in general or specifically about their products or social media integration.

-Dell suggests protecting our information. You should try and build relationships, but you should also be aware that through your relationship with Dell, you have access to confidential information that shouldn’t be made public. So, you shouldn’t share our confidential company information or any of our customers’ personally identifiable information. . Every year, Dell gives a course on how you should protect privacy and personal information. What was mentioned above is again proof that Dell not only cares for the protection of it, but also for the clients which interact with the social interface that is offered by the company

-Dell has always been a leader in using technology to directly connect with their customers. Social Media is another tool you can use to build their brand, just be sure you do it the right way.




-Dell says to be responsible. Make sure you’re engaging in Social Media conversations the right way. If you aren’t an authority on a subject, send someone to the expert rather than responding yourself. Don’t speak on behalf of Dell if you aren’t giving an official Dell response, and be sure your audience knows the difference. If you see something being shared related to Dell on a Social Media platform that shouldn’t be happening, immediately inform the Social Media and Communities team, your manager, Ethics and Compliance or some other appropriate contact.

– If you participate in Social Media activities as part of your job at Dell, that account may be considered Dell property. If that account is Dell property, you don’t get to take it with you if you leave the company — meaning you will not try to change the password or the account name or create a similar sounding account or have any ownership of the contacts and connections you have gained through the account. This doesn’t apply to personal accounts that you may access at work, but would certainly apply to all Dell-branded accounts created as part of your job.

– Basically they are using the people from the community to control what is displayed on the social media sites from Dell. Thanks to this, they have a 24 hours/day filter, so the job of the employees from the marketing department is half-done.

General public

Dell suggests following the law, following the code of conduct. This makes it difficult to fix an inaccurate message once you’ve shared it. The best thing to do is double check all content before you share it, both for accuracy and to make sure it fits into Dell’s overall Social Media strategy, our Code of Conduct and any restrictions that may apply to your content based on local law (such as the FTC Endorsement Guidelines in the US) and the platform you are using (such as terms of service for the site upon which you are sharing).