agAdidas Group Social Media Guidelines

„Athletes never stop trying to improve their performance. The same goes for the adidas Group – because performance counts.”

I chose adidas Group,because I like the trustful sports brands. The company is in contract with many famous big sport clubs and single athletes too. The brand represented almost in all of the major sports. (Footbal, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, etc.. )

Points of the Social Media Guidelines

„Our employer is easy to identify with and all of us are very passionate about what we do on a daily basis. At the adidas Group we believe in open communication and you are encouraged to tell the world about your work and share your passion. Whether you do so by participating in a blog, wiki, online social network or any other form of online publishing or discussion is completely up to you.

However, these new ways of communication are changing the way we talk to each other and even to our consumers, target audiences and partners. „

-from the original SMG of adidas Group


Identify yourself ( When you discuss adidas Group related matters, you have to use your name)

– You are personally responsible for the content you publish on blogs, wikis or any other form of user-generated media. (Internet never forgets)

For internal use only (Keep the informations within the company)

Confidentality agreement (For instance : You cannot talk about the conception of the new world cup ball, only with employees of the company)

Do not comment on work – related legal matters unless you are an offical spokesperson

Respect your audience (Do not use comments for ethnic slurs, personal insults etc… )

– Think about consequences

Be the first to respond to your own mistakes

– Please respect copyright (If it is not yours do not use it )

– When you do make a reference, where possible, link back to the source

Internal media (Act responsibly)

– from SMG of a.G.



Since 1949, Adidas had built a strong brand image, in order to keep pace with other big brands,they had to have a totally clear purpose, and to reach that, they had to followed some strictly rules. The employees are also help to create this image as in the past too. Nowadays we can find a lot of new interfaces that the employees can use and even if they don’t know ,they contribute to create the image of the company „comment after comment”.That’s the reason why adidas Group has to control most of the things around the new media.