fffSocial media gives care of people’s attention because it’s fun. On account of existing social media it’s incredibly easy to share your points of view, your ideas, videos, pictures, likes and dislikes with the entire World. Moreover, we can discover what that World thinks of them. You can make friends, find business contacts, come to be the part of the community or a group of different communities. Social media deliver you what the Television never could – an opportunity to be involved and involve others.
The situation is exactly the same at the field which is the area of my studies at my home university – where I’m studying the International Relations. According to the Technological Determinism, which base is the thought that technology drives society, technological advances have become an essential movement in the direction of social evolution. To keep moving forward you have to be present at the social platforms and adapt the changes.
One of the latest examples of the use of social media on that field is Israel and Hamas battle from November 2012. Social media has become the new battleground for them. Quickly after killing Hamas’ top military commander the Israeli public media office reported the campaign on terror sites and operatives in the Gaza Strip through its Twitter account and posted the video on its official YouTube page. Hamas has replied immediately on its official Twitter account as well. The modern tools that they’re using now are like the catalogue of modern platforms where we can find links to their YouTube channels, Facebook pages etc. Throughout the operations, they have tweeted with a hashtag „IsraelUnderFire” but many people from Palestina have done the same – with the contrary hashtag: „GazaUnderAttack”. Twitter is a good tool to delivery any information with no help of editors’ „hands”. However, that conflict has helped us to realise that there may be a lot of misinformation. Everybody has to be careful using Twitter. Nowadays you can’t win conflicts of this type only on the one ground, you win it through public opinion.

To find another example, we can just consider Obama’s presidential elections from 2008(which was called by many people „Facebook election”)– were the first one in history in which candidates tried to gain the votes directly with the aid of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Facebook had a strong role in the elections. Throughout the campaign that platform drove its own conference to convince online debates about the result of the elections. At that time in America campaigning switchs from old style mechanism to the dynamics of online social networks. The war as a perfect place for the political movements is carrying the efficacy of politics. You won’t meet any barriers on platforms like Facebook or YouTube to entry. The strength is expanded in the reason that everybody can participate. For the past few years, we can perceive Obama as the most capable politician(whose territory of possesing votes was Facebook) while the presidential campaign.
Youtube, Twitter and Facebook have become the relevant forum for the news, annotations and opinions. That mechanism may replace fields of sharing infomation(like presidential debates for instance). Obama’s presidential election of 2008, for lack of better term, we can call „Facebook election”. He’s the first resident of the White House in America who has won the election on the Web. According to Technological Determinism – technology causes social changes – currently politicians have their own Facebook pages. The Internet was used to earn money but in the reason that people who can vote have shifted towards the Web, the politicians have to be in a hurry to set up an online presence. Moreover, we can assume that success in electoral politics determines having friends on social platforms.