Who can deny how much behaviours have change since new media appeared? A majority of people use it every day and even more… I can tell you how it is hard for me to log out from Facebook to write that essay for example, I mean, without log in again every five minutes. People nowadays live with the new media. We are surround by devices, smartphones, computer, and tablets that connect you to Internet and change the way of how communicate people…

Is that bad? Is that good? It depends. Have you ever try to plant a nail with an axe? New media are tools that you have to use in an intelligent way if you want them to be good. If you use Facebook in a “public mode” with pictures you drunk, statutes of you saying YOLO all the time for example, we can considered that you cut your fingers out of your hand with the axe.

My field of study is marketing. In my university in my hometown, my marketing teachers are a little bit old-fashioned and it is a real problem for them to adapt their courses to the new media and to the evolution of the technology. This course of New Media here in Katho, was a real opportunity for me to know more about that subject.

In marketing the environment which surround you is very important, it determine what you can do or what you can not do, If you are in a strong position or not. Nowadays, the environment is filled by the new media and it’s important today when you are a marketer to adapt your marketing methods to those new media.

Thank to that course and my previous observations and researches I can say that with the growth of social media platform, in particular Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, companies and brands now use it as a way to promote or to give information on itself. The companies integrate now social media and Internet platform as a major part of their strategy, through the form of applications, social ads, brand groups, sponsored pages and sponsored apps, brands have opened up communication channels with their customers on these platforms. No marketing plan is done online without a social marketing component. The social media have a part so important in the marketing; we can talk about social marketing.

According to their strategy, companies or the brands, which use new media as a tool, have to build the infrastructure to support the utilisation of social media. Businesses will have to embrace all of the disruptive elements, such as mobile and social technology, in a new, cohesive organization that is focused to external and to internal. For them it’s important to integrate social media into their overall marketing and operations.

The continued growth of mobile – smart phones as the primary device to access the web and use social – will totally change the game for social marketing. Social marketing use cases and the kind of data that can be gleaned when people are using social on their phones will require brands to completely rethink how they connect and communicate with consumers. That is almost a use of what could be Web 3.0. The phone is now a device which centralised all your media. The development of apps for every single different thing for instance is growing and growing.

Of course, even if the new media is very important, we should not forget that a lot of people are still not connected to that world. That’s why it’s also important to have a marketing policy adapted to what you do as main activity and to the customers you can have.

Next june I will be graduated of my Bachelor in Business and Management and next I will be on the labour market. I am interesting to work in the cultural area and I think that the new media start to be very important to that area. Especially for the music where the majority of the artist try to promote themselves on internet.

For instance, I am drummer and a member of a band. And the marketer guy, the other considered me as the manager of the band. I think that that course of new media gave me more information, mainly on the social media part.