As we know technology is present in our lives, it determinates how we behave day a day. Technology determines our behavior.

There is a theory which defends this fact: “Technological determinism”. It  looks to show technical developments, media, or technology as a whole, as the key mover in history and social change. So this theory  follow the idea that technology drives society so on business.

 Some interpretation of technological determinism shows that the development of technology itself follows a predictable, traceable path largely beyond cultural or political influence.

Nowadays companies can’t imagine one day without devices or internet theirs activity would be collapsed. All depend on technology: factories, communication, transportation, sales…

Improvement is synonymous with new technologies. As we could see during the last 60years, the world has changed and this has been due to new technologies.

For example thinking about business, technology has affected supply chain development:

-Advances in technology have produced automate warehouses. These removes human-based monitoring and inventory control. Barcoding, radio frequency technology

-Increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and resources by evolving computerization, electronic data interchange.

But not only  better machines and also devices as mobile phone, computers, cameras exist thanks to technology… One of the most important improvement has been the internet. This fact open a new world where all is much more possible. Where communication in real time is possible. This streamlines all activities of a company and it makes easy to perform it.

Internet appears in 1989/1991 since this date all has changed. New kinds of companies have been launched as these know as e-business working with e-commerce through internet.  With business electronic commerce all this companies negotiate, purchase and doing business function as a company take place on the web. This helps companies to have the possibility for getting international easily: global sourcing and service.

The internet/web is spawning a whole new supply chain revolution, allowing real-time information flow between all members of the supply chain and creating the ability to collaborate with all parties-customers and competitors- in collaborative supply networks.

Technologies allow to use some new terms as “new media”, “crowdsourcing” or “digital divide”. Technology is the beginning of this others theories. Internet allows new ways of communication between companies and their customers. We called it new media. The use of resources to improve communications by this new medium is known as crowdsourcing. This helps to know how to manage this mass communication.  One of the best ways of communication between companies and customers are the social platforms and using some apps in mobile phones, where enterprises can interact with their customers and find some potential ones.

And digital divide is an economic inequality between groups, broadly construed, in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT). It measures how many people use this technologies depending on their society, country where they live, if it is a develop country or not, what personal situation they have. This facts can help companies to know how deep they have to be present on internet to get theirs target audience. But nowadays most of the people know how to use internet and they can’t live without using this technologies. Above all last young generations and companies.

A company cannot afford don’t use technology, if they want to be successful they need it.

In conclusion, “technological determinism” sees technology as the basis for all human activity. In my opinion this sentence is true:  if you cannot imagine one day without using any technology  ,you only have to think about how people used to live for example one hundred years ago.

As quick as technologies have been improving I am really curious about how the world will seem to be in fifty years more.