How can new media helps for tourism?


Well, as everybody knows the technology always developing day by day. Changes in technology and smaller marketing budgets are forcing tourism bureaus to make the strategic change as well. So, the hotels,restaurants,tourism agencies and all of the companies or organizations  which are taking places in tourism market, have to use new media placing an emphasis on their official website or applications. Today’s global market requires you to be in several channels to show your web presence as well engage with your customers.  These channels include social media – facebook, twitter, flickr, blogs, videos – youtube, mapsmobile apps and much more. By making life easier, Apps like SBB Swiss Railways associate brands with real day-to-day value. Improving consumer experience, Apps are one good way to engage customers and build loyalty.

In my opinion it’s very important, because nowadays the people choose the easiest way to get informations about everything, and  this is the internet.The easiest way to inform each other about everything, in this case about tourism. You can share your opinion of the hotels or just upload some photos about your holidays. Also you can order your airplane tickets online, not necessary to go to airport to buy it. There are many application for your mobile also, for example you can dowload a guide program and you can discover on your own the cities or museums or whatever you want to visit.

According to research from Stikky Media, travelers are relying on social media more than ever to decide where to vacation and what to visit, and it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of the travel companies within the tourism industry plan to increase their social media marketing budgets.

  • 40% of online travelers visit social networking sites to influence destination selection
  • 70% of consumers trust online recommendations while only 14% trust advertisers
  • Facebook has the greatest influence on 24-34 year olds’ holiday choices, and the greatest influence over men
  • TripAdvisor had the greatest impact on female booking habits
  • The biggest consumer trend over the next 5 years will be booking holidays through the use of new technologies

New media has also proven to be very efficient and an important resources in times of hardship for the tourism industry. Technology is crucial for the management of tourism releted information, but tourism is an experience which involves travelers. Modern travelers are expoliting technologies in all the different stages of the tourism good consumption. Modern travelers are sophisticated and in constant need of information.

Tourism industry is beginning to recognize the strength of social media to mitigate and be responsive to events that are taking place globally and are making the sure to spend more money for marketing as well as staffing individuals designated to maintaining a consistent online voice that is responsive on a regular basis including times of crisis.

The tourist economy provides an important source of revenue to many local and state municipalities, but budget cuts and changing use of media and technology requires that many tourist bureaus strategically change the way they promote their local area.  While traditional media is not going away anytime in the near horizon and cities continue to produce marketing material available in print, on radio airwaves, and for broadcast television, it has become inevitably clear that the integration of new media technologies is necessary for its survival, especially because it is such an incredibly information-centric industry and more individuals are receiving information directly through handheld devices.

Basically in my opinion social media helps for tourism and It will be better in the future.

In the past the Tourism Sector had few ways of engaging visitors aside from personal contact  (information offices, events) and traditional advertising. New Media will change the way tourism organization connect with visitors and guide them.