On the other hand, at home I am studying logistic management. As I mentioned new media is very important during my studies. When we have to write some essays we can use different web sites, like wikis, where we find lots of helpful information.

 How to use twitter for crowdsourcing and election

Twitter is the perfect platform for implementing such a tactic and will often yield insightful, and sometimes surprising, results.Barack obama has  more than 25 000 000 followers when he was election he share some tweet about election. He wants to share some idea to use socail media( twitter and facebook ). He also reach a lot of people. He can tweet something about any law that is put in effect in USA. He can get feedback and commets about that law.

Why is important to use social media for lady gaga who has most follovers all over the world. She also has more than 33 million people that is more than any Europain country for example belgium, nederlands , latvia etc. She can use this twitter account for commercial. She can reach more people  than any television channel.  She can share some videos for her song videos‘ and a lot of people who follow her account can listen her videos and can share to see this video more people. If a lot of people listen that video. She provide song that listen all over the world and she can be a famuos person. If she bargain any company that is famous all over the world for example Nokia, Apple, sony or samsung she can tweet about that company and she can reach a lot of people.she can use crowdsourcing for advertisiment and  She can get 8.000 dollars for this tweet.


We can use social media ( twitter) for feedback about services.

social media presence can be an invaluable resource for providing insights into consumer needs, and opinions towards a business, service or brand. Social media can be used for market research. For example DHL logistic company is carryning people‘s staff and provides for big company to logistic. They tweet some surwey about logistic that they offer to customer who get services for this logisic company. Follovers of this company twitter acount can see this company tweet about survey and they can click this company tweets and fill their survey. This company provide ideas of potencial customer and they can think new strategy about business. They can make a plan for future. Also they provide their advertisiment to use social media and by the way a lot of people  click their website.


My conclution


I enjoyed the New Media course. I got lot of information about social media (twitter and focabook etc) that I use. I didn‘t have twitter account before new media lesson and now I have twitter account and I have informaion how to use it and how I can use it for my business for the future.  I am not a simple user because of the new media lesson. I can do lot of thing to use new media. Thank you very much to teacher of  new media class.