I am studying tourısm management  and ı can use socıal medıa for my busıness that hotel and tourısm management.

How to Use Twitter for Crowdsourcing and  Charity

Use popular hashtags related to your  charity for example  #Löseveambulansalıyoruz.

Ceyhun yılmaz is person who is a radio programmer in Turkey.  He wanted  to help to leukemia patient children. He shared this hashtag with follers and wanted to everybody share something with hashtag  or retweet. This hashtag  was shared and retweeted  100.000 times.  So The Toyota Car Company bought  two ambulance for patient children.

Technology is a beautiful thing especially when you use it for good things.


We can use social media ( twitter) for crowdsourcing and market searching.

social media presence can be an invaluable resource for providing insights into consumer needs, and opinions towards a business, service or brand. Social media can be used for market research.  For example tripadvisor is helping travelers plan and have the perfect trip. It is helping everybody who wants to travel all over the World. It gives information about the hotels and  use to Twitter  to gathering feedback about hotes. Using Twitter to ask your followers and the community as a whole has additional benefits.  It has more than 705. 000 followers. İf they want to get information about a new hotel. They  share a short personal message about the survey / poll within the tweet and ask for participation to survey.  They put into tweet the website address   http://www.tripadvisor.com.tr/  with relevant hashtag. Online survey tools such as Tripadvisor make it easy and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations to conduct simple market research within the most popular social media platforms. The answers they give can be more genuine and revealing. They can use this information to help to customers who wants to travel.  İf you join this survey, you can get a drawing rights for free holiday. Every month there is a drawing and they give a free holiday who won. So everbody  wants  to join this survey.

Also they can advise some hotel with tweet.

TripAdvisor @TripAdvisor

Traveling somewhere that requires a #visa? There’s a lot of great advice on it in the TripAdvisor forums: http://bit.ly/TzrBF  #traveltips

A lot of  people from around the world who are involved in the social media platforms know how to get information about destination, hotels, etc.. Tripadvisor :

Mostly to post news, new advertisement or pictures on Twitter. People can write and read reviews about news, and advertisement or Picture. People are always trying to make everything easier and safer. In my opinion, this is really good thing, because the tourists can get information  faster, better and more secure and they can see some pictures of hotels.

As Conclution, the social media is helping society when it comes to tourism. this system is working for the people. You can use it. J

Why social media is important for business

Because  if the company use the media for advertisement for example ( tv, radio and newspapers ) they have to pay a lot of Money fort he advertisement and maybe  they can’t reach the aim of advertisement. They can use the social media ( twitter and facebook ) like tripadvisor. They can tweet about advertisment and they can reach more then 700.000 people. İf they share their tweet , they can provide to reach more people and It will be free. They can provide  long-term relationship with customers, attract potential customers and involve them as much as possible. İf  the customer follow them, they will get some information about the promotion and some new destination . They will be happy that the company takes into account their point of views and it will create loyalty. In the end, it will increase the sales.  A lot of people will visit tripadvisor website.

I  enjoyed the New Media course. I got lot of information about social media (twitter and focabook etc) that I use. I am not a simple user because of the new media lesson. I can do lot of thing to use new media.