With regard to the field of international relations (this is my field of study) the concept of technological determinism is very important and plays a special role. The theory of technological determinism claims that technical inventions invariably lead to cultural change, the change in the type of communication are reflected in the cultural turmoil because all areas of social life has been revolutionized by the communication.
With the changes taking place in the forms of communication, it is possible to respond more quickly to the situation, the more effective change and, in certain circumstances, prevent unwanted actions. This is done in the local, regional, but also global areas because the Internet and media networks creates unlimited opportunities for information and data to reach different parts of the world in a very short period of time.
International Relations are very broad field of action, which involve nations, states, communities, ethnic groups and various types of international organization (governmental and non-governmental organizations) and in the context of technological determinism of these entities plays an important role. Relations between countries due to technological developments have changed their meaning, for the less personal, because a lot of conferences, meetings, conversations take place via the Internet and mobile phones. Of course, important and major decisions are still on personal meetings, which are held in a wide group and often openly, but these informal take place via the network.
A new type of media that have been created by technological determinism allow you to reach groups of people who, through normal media cannot to found out about it. Non-governmental organizations use this type of action to communicate with different social groups and thereby provide them information about their activities and plans. In such circumstances, can avoid some regulations in the countries in which the basic form is prohibited. This gives the positive effects of the work and has greater efficiency of the organization.
As an good example of progress in the field of communication in the sphere international relations, we can give events which took place in the Arab world, we’re talking about the Arab Spring. Through this that in one country there have been some incidents, the media talked about it all over the world, on the Internet you could found a huge amount of information and news began to spread very quickly, the next states, as a domino effect started to take the same tack. In this way, you can see how this is a huge strength of television and the Internet, and that at this moment all kinds of media are a leading driver of change in the political reality.
Keep in mind that the consequences of determinism may also have negative effects on international relations. In particular, it use criminal groups and terrorist organizations. Not only the state and international organizations are going with the times, but also this social players has greatly benefit from the opportunities posed by the media and the Internet. Through television, radio, videos published on the websites their range has become unlimited and they can sow more fear, panic and anxiety. We can cite here an example for the train bombing in the capital of Spain, Madrid. After these events, all the world’s TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet talked about it for a long time. Terrorists seek to ensure that their actions and the effects has caused to reach the largest group of people, that they were scared and worried. In this way, the area of their operation not only covers the area in which the attack occurred, but it is being felt across the country or even continent.
Also, Internet networks, and the opportunities which it creates, people from all over the world (dissimilar culturally, ethnically, racially, religiously) can communicate with each other, to talk, to express their opinions, ask questions, get to know each other. Technological progress also allows people to explore areas which until now had no idea. You no longer need to visit a place to know how it looks like, just use the network. It is also a great center of information that people use, and they complement each other.
Thanks to technological determinism international relations much changed their field of action to a more global, because the world now is open for everyone and everyone can participate in international life, through the network. But on the other hand, it has changed for less personal, because people do not have to leave their countries and regions to take part in it. One thing is, that the certain technological progress plays a significant role in international relations and in a some sense it is conditioned.