Crowdsourcing is the process of connecting with large groups of people via the Internet. In the same time, crowdsourcing is special because is a way of solving problems and producing things by connecting online with people that you otherwise wouldn’t know.crowdsourcing

Many directors of departments use crowdsourcing to grow their activity, exceeding the company’s limits.The marketers continue to identify appropriate channels where their investments will pay off with content that sells.
For example, if those who use email marketing to stay connected with customers, they will know it can be a challenge to maintain a regular supply of interesting and relevant content. Customers can come to the rescue in all kinds of ways, from guest columns in newsletter or blog, to photo or video case studies that show how they make use of their products.

Marketers use opinion of the crowd as a feedback.
Crowdsourcing is becoming all the rage for marketers, creative types and researchers to use their communities online to find new product and design ideas. Instead of paying for a limited set of ideas and inspiration from small focus groups, more online connectors are reaching out to users online for the same purpose.

Crowdsourcing enable marketers to access to the large online label. Allows them to ask the crowd to help to find the solution to a problem. It’s easy enough on Twitter to crowdsorce idea. Get a group of followers to use a common hashtag and seek out ideas for anything somebody is working on.

Crowdsorcing can be use to access the world”s creativity and communities to design, and develop original art, media or content.
In marketing, crowdsourcing is being used, to lift project creation to higher planes. By crowdsourcing with a group of people, the marketers can equally share the project’s goals, work and desired outcomes. With crowd-sourced options, a business owner can look at a variety of options, pick the best one and work on sharpening the idea for the particular client or project. In the end, crowdsourcing offers a cheaper research alternative, as well as a faster way to complete projects.

An easy way to crowd source is through cross-marketing. Cross-marketing involves eliciting the use of content written by different bloggers and other writers about personal company. Then they either publish it on their site or promote it on somebody else site.

Creating a contest that allows marketers audience to guide them marketing designs. Be it logo or slogan, offer some sort of incentive and let their customers do the rest. The result will be according the markets trends.

Social media for crowdsourcing marketing, by utilize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs.

# With Facebook marketers can post as their status a question about their company or product. After they sit back and wait for the flow of responses. People love to give their opinions about things, people love to feel heard, and people love to see their own names.

# In the same idea, Twitter allows for them to respond to marketers in a more direct and public way without the need to be verbose.

# YouTube will allow marketers to post videos of their company or even videos of them out in the public getting people’s opinions on their brand problems or questions.

# Blogs, like Facebook, allow people to respond to a particular question or company project via comments or social media in a way that makes them feel valued and heard.

Another great option for crowdsourcing in marketing, especially for B-to-B companies, is surveys. Customers are usually very interested in seeing how other people or businesses are solving similar problems or challenges.

The best part of crowdsourcing is that it engages both potential and current customers. They get to be a part of something bigger than just being only customers. Now they’re part of a solution that can help others. It’s in this spirit of empowerment that crowdsourcing can be a huge marketing tool for their organization.

Each industry and community is different, offering quality analysis and creative ideas. A content marketer have to be able to accomplish objectives by using crowdsourcing as a means of better engaging and growing their social networks.