Nowadays, people can feel safe on the one hand and simultaneously endangered with the diffusion of the Internet. One thing is certain, we live in the age of the Social (New)Media and in the Digital Age of the 21st of century where a participation of social networking seems to be a norm and even more a necessity, that the World tries to impose on people in some cases. There are many risks related to it. That is why this is very important issue in the area of International and Global Security, what is in my interest.

Media technology which drives our life at this moment are stronger than ever before and they seem to be the strongest factor which has got a big impact on our behavior and the way of perceiving people’s life and things that happen. This the way of how we think, feel and act in our individuality among the whole society. This approach is related to the Technological Determinism. There are many various affairs on which we cannot have an influence on with the face of stronger powers like for example of Social Media Platforms in the area of Internet. All those things related good or bad happen even beyond our control and we have to try to adapt to them because basically they are a part of our life or fight. This is the real fact which today’s World tries to impose on people. This can be called in the way of “Twitter revolution” that has got the direct reflection on our real life.

Thanks to the Internet people have the easy way to use platforms which are included in the area of Social Media Landscape (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest). They shape the system of multilateral communication worldwide, create the international relations, as well. These days all those platforms play an important part and at the same time it seems that they have got a significant predominance even over traditional media have on people’s behaving. This communication is independent in the one hand and in many cases uncontrolled and unverified which is the reason of insecurity. “The medium is the message” that is provide on these platforms. But what is happening when people are using false information in order to implement unnecessary hype like hackers do?

55,000 Twitter Accounts_hacked

This is a pure revolution that is happening before our very eyes. We are the part of it. Photos and movies, various announcements all those materials are the precious sources which are repeatedly sending also by anonymous internauts. Many times they are a base for of visual information and they are using in official services as the source of information. Sometimes there are only junk information like those which are using by hackers just in order to “make the feathers fly” with the information about alleged terroristic attacks or other nonsenses which are in hacker’s interests .

If we take into consideration for example cyberterrorism in that case we can indicate on people who use the Internet and its wealth only in the bad way similarly like hackers do. They base their online activities on infecting people’s account by the means of tools such as computer viruses but not only and try to put anxiety among them with false, an artificial information. All those things that happen have also their impact on people’s behavior and have their role in shaping social and cultural values, not exactly in the good way which depends on people’s vulnerability. But this is the target of many terrorist’s group and hackers who work in the co-operation with terrorists. Their goal is to implement an apprehension via Internet because it is the fastest and nowadays, the easiest and at the same time the most efficient way to do this.

A desire to live in the world where there will be peace and love and that one which will give people freedom seems like a precious gem. The world where every single citizen all over the world will feel secure. It is of course far away from Utopia meaning. Nevertheless, we live in that Digital Age where most people have an access to the Internet. In that case, primarily we have to be aware of the both blessing and curses that Social Media Platforms provide us and also we have to take care about our security as the most important and the precious jewel with the tools of International and Global Security. In the area of cybersecurity these are in the future: an improvement of a resilience to cyber incidents and a reduction of the cyber threats.