We  learned a lot of interesting things about new media on the courses. However it’s food for thought that new media is good or not in people’s life.  Of course, it’s good because new media make easier our life. But it has negative side also.

Firstly, media has a lot of advantages.

Now, when I’m 1500kilometers away from my home country, I couldn’t live without new media. I get a lot of homework from KATHO but from my home University also which can made only on computer and with internet using.

My home classmates can inform me about the courses, the exams, they can send me teaching materials. The other thing is that I can keep contact with my parents via Skype. So it seems like I would be home. I don’t have to be afraid to miss something. I can arrange everything online. For example, I can check the schedule of trains, communicate with my parents and friends, book a flight, send my homework by e-mail, etc. In addition, if I want to watch a Hungarian film or series I can do it.

On the other hand, at home I am studying Financial and Accounting. As I mentioned new media is very important during my studies. When we have to write some essays we can use different web sites, like wikis, where we find lots of helpful information.

Due to my studies I know how hard to do bookkeeping in paper because we can’t use computer at the University. It’s not very convenient, when you have to write everything. In addition, you have to learn everything.

But my father showed me the real bookkeeping in computer and I was working until 1 year in his company.

Today, the accounting jobs are unthinkable without the developed, integrated systems. All these software programs work on the Web. The accounting software is an essential tool for modern accounting offices. These programs replace completely the manual, paper-based books. Using them can save a lot of time and money, since not only the books but also the preparation of the various reports, analyzes become simpler and more efficient.

They could fill the role of integrator. I mean, they can add data quickly and easily from the systems (analyst) operated by user or they must be able to provide data to external system (for example, banking, tax administration system). The role of the integrator also means that such accounting program is capable of – the result of integration of administrative data – help the work of analysts and controllers with specific statements, as well as custom-configured report generator. Several companies and many years of combined analysis, the retrieval is also part of the system. Along the service of controlling demand, don’t forget to keeping in mind the classical role of the accounting programs, the appropriate and customized support of the accounting process. The software are continuously improved and updated. They support the easy and fast data recording, the development of convenient data export options. They keep up to date the connection to the Tax Office form-filling programs.

So, the essence is that these programs will create my future easier.

The managers need very fast information about their company/firm for their decisions. This is only possible if their system is up to date. For example, in a case of a recent cost price calculation should take into account which costs were before.

Nowadays, it’s very important to do Social new media for the companies, because it can help to inform people about the product or service. It can build and improve a reputation. Media is the most use and easy way to communicate.

However New Media has negative sides too. People are sitting front of a computer all day long. They become more and more lazy. They purchase, read news, watch movies, chat friends. They don’t do sports or take a walk. Children don’t go to the street to play. Everyday I experience that my acquaintance is also the same. I could notice in my city that people aren’t on the street. The restaurants are empty. So the real social life will disappear.

My conclusion

Using electronic media is helpful until that it’s healthy. Unhealthy means if you use it in your pastime to have fun and don’t go to the air to meet your friends. However for our work new media is indispensable.