Internet and technology devices have reached our life in a way that we are not aware of it. Who hasn’t found themselves texting while walking on the street at the same time? Or who hasn’t once gone out for dinner with someone who is texting while you are talking to him/her?

New technology is supposed to make our life easier but, is there only a positive side of it? There’s not.

Social networks have the capacity to spread an idea, an opinion or an image around the world in a few seconds. Their capacity to extend relationships makes possible that an idea, a comment or a text can be read in hundreds of locations from all over the world at the same time. A few seconds later, it can be commented and shared by multiple users, so what started as a need to share a thought a few minutes earlier is now being read by millions of people just in a few hours.

Social platforms can influence both our working and social life. Nowadays we are continuously connected to some social platform such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin trough the computer or some kind of electronical device. Is this affecting companies? In fact, it is. There are some studies which state that the participation in social networks is costing companies millions of Euros. The problem is getting worse because even if enterprises cut their workers’ access to social platforms, they can continue using their mobile phones to connect to those networks.

The use of social networks can also affect the reputation and productivity of an enterprise. First of all, lately in the news, there have been many cases of workers who had uploaded some compromising photos in Facebook which had been seen by their bosses. The next day they found themselves jobless and having damaged the reputation of the company they used to work for.

Recruiting people through the internet is becoming more popular nowadays. According to a study nearly 23% of enterprises now use social networks to help recruit their employees. Professional networks specialized in the job market such as LikedIn may be useful for companies to recruit future employees. However, both organizations and employees should be careful about dealing with someone who they don’t really know. Internet is a big source of information but you have to learn to look for the one that can be trusted.

Security is a big issue that concerns firms, especially with the emergence of Internet. The use of social networks in the workplace puts companies in danger of being attacked by hackers. Such intrusions may end up with the loss and disorder of some confidential information which could be really valuable.

So, should we be worried about social networks? Probably not. Social platforms themselves do not affect us in any aspect of our life. However, the use that we make of them is what’s causing trouble in our society. The main problem is that people is not aware of the fact that they are continuously uploading personal information that goes from the date of birth to the photo of their newborn son.

Why aren’t there as much campaigns showing society the risks of internet as the ones that warn us about drugs? Governments, teachers and families should make a small effort and try to tell citizens, teenagers and children the risks of using new technologies as a way of opening themselves to everyone on the net. Thus, they’ll be able to decide either to use them or not, but assuming the consequences of their acts.