Since I was born media has always been around us. We have watched the television since we were young and we have seen some newspapers at home. We also have grown with the internet. We have been using all this channels for inform us and for entertainment but now that I am finishing me degree is when I realize that it will be useful for my future.

Nowadays we do not talk about Media, we hear New Media, it is also a mass communication but by using the new technologies.  Whether we want or not it forms part of our life and it is really important for my degree: Business Management.

The sentence “technology drives society” is totally truth in my case; I can’t imagine a day without internet. Related to my studies; the notes from subjects are in internet, I find the test scores in my university’s web side, I sent my homework by email and even I elaborate my presentations online.  Moreover, all this content is saved on the web with what we call “cloud”, a safe method that makes you shore that you will never lost it.

For being a little bit more concrete I will talk about some of my subjects. In accounting we have to do some research in real companies and the best way to be in contact with them is by social media landscape. Otherwise we should go to the factory once a week. In marketing new media give us more possibilities than in real life, Prezi for example is a good help for us. In human resources we find lot of curriculums online. But, when I use internet the most is for stock exchange. Some years ago you should go to the bank for selling or buying shares and it took long time. Now is as easy as make a click in our home. So, new media is helping me a lot in my degree.

Next June I will finish my degree and I think that then new media will be even more important for me.  By crowdsourcing, the fact to connect groups of people by internet, I can find more opportunities than in real life. I mean, I think that the best way to find a job is by having my information online. If I have some problem, so I need to find a solution or even some ideas or opinions, crowsourcing is also the best solution. I think it is the best method for solving problems and I can meet people that without internet I will never have meet.

I also have some social media landscape like facebook and twitter. These pages help me to be more in contact with what is happening around me, with people and to know news. Twitter is also a good place to write who am I and my resume. Lot of people can follow you if you make some interesting tweets and it is a good way to made you known. On the other side, I can also follow some companies or people in which I am interested. The truth it that “social life as well as our collective knowledge is placed online”.

As I am studying business management, my idea is to create my own company in the future. First of fall, the best idea is to promote the opening of the commerce is by using internet. For connecting with people and make people know my company social media landscapes are essential. For making an example, by using twitter I can be in contact with my suppliers and also to new clients that for the location or the distance without internet they will never have the chance to be my customers. It is also a good way to interact with clients and know what they like or dislike about us so we can improve according them.

But new media is not always so perfect. The main problem is that internet does not arrive to everybody and neither social platform. The fact of not being online, as an individual, makes you lose social economical opportunities. For the companies it is a big problem because their news and their information is not available for all the people.

In my opinion, new media is a really good solution, a way of communication and an opportunity channel but until it won’t be accessible for everybody it will not be 100% effective.