Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate. Its business is primarily focused on the electronics, game, entertainment and financial services sectors. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics products for the consumer and professional markets.

     Why did we choose Sony?

     We have chosen Sony because it is a well-known company that is growing constantly. It provides a lot of products that can make internet surfing easier. The other reason is that nowadays, there are 900 million Sony devices in hands and homes, which is a great number. Sony is very popular in real life and we wanted to make an analysis and see if this popularity is on the internet as well.

     What is Sony’s target market?

     Sony offers different products for different groups of customers. Its target audience includes in general all age groups, middle and upper middle class income, people from every sector with different occupations, located all over the world. A more precise segmentation depends on the product’s categories: electronic&mobile, music, games, films and digital services.

     Sony’s aim is to deliver entertainment experiences to more people than anyone else on earth. They are doing that through their products. Make.believe is their slogan and they promote the thought: Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real.

     We wanted to know what Sony is doing on the internet, so the first thing we have searched for was their website. It has opened other gates to the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Foursquare, Blog and Pinterest just like we expected.


    Sony’s website is very well organised and it has a very complex menu divided in different categories: Who We Are, Company News, Investor Relations, Corporate Responsibility, Careers and Contacts. They mostly use it to promote their products and events. We can find on the website their logo and slogan as well as their group of products and services. The gates for the social media platforms are located in the upper right corner. It is very catchy and accessible. 


     We have made a research on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and here are our results:



     Sony joined Twitter in 2009 It is Sony’s verified account. Using this account, they are promoting the same thought which is stressed on their website: Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real. Visiting Sony’s Twitter account, we can realise that a group of professionals is taking care of it. We can see that by the background that is shown. Until now they have a number of 265.273 followers and they are following 831 other account. They have 6.830 tweets. From our point of view, this is a relatively small number for 4 years of activity. They are tweeting almost every day and their messages are related to promoting their products and events. That is the reason why almost every tweet includes links, photos, videos or hashtags. The photos and videos which they post are related to their products as well.

     Except this account, Sony has a lot of other verified accounts on twitter. For example: Sony Xperia (@sonyxperia), Sony Electronics USA (@SonyElectronics), Sony Support USA (@SonySupportUSA). Sony is using all these accounts for promoting its groups of products. These accounts are tweeting to Sony and Sony tweets them back. This is a very good connection that allows Sony to keep in touch with its clients and to promote their products in the same time. As we could see, Sony is not using @Sony account to chat with their clients and answer their questions. It is just for promotion. For that matter they are using @SonySupportUSA. Sony usually mentions all these verified accounts through its tweets. This is a very good strategy for promoting new products. For example if Sony Xperia has a client that has never tried Sony’s Electronic devices but he needs a product from this category, he could be interested in the product just by seeing it promoted on Sony Electronics’ account mentioning  Sony Xperia in one tweet. We think that this is a very good strategy that helps Sony grow faster.

     We have also used one tool to analyze Sony’s activity on Twitter. According to, Sony is doing very well regarding the listed number which is 3.979. That means that 3.979 accounts have put @Sony in a group. If we analyze the topics, hashtags and mentions, we can see that Sony’s topics are related to games, music, cameras, make, believe, inspiration. All these are some keywords for the products and the slogan that they promote. Through the using of the word What we can see that they have a lot of questions and try to interact with their customers. The hashtags they use are related to #xperia, #sonystore, #vaio, #skyfall, #sonylove, #sonytv that are also for promotion. In their tweets, they mostly mention @sonyxperia, @SonyElectronics, @SonySupportUSA, @SonyPictures, @playstation. This thing helps them keep a good connection between Sony’s categories of products advertising them in the best way. Sony has 58/100 tweets with @mentions, 70/100 tweets with #hashtags, 62/100 tweets with links and 24/100 retweets which is a very good result for a company.

     According to this analysis we can say that Sony is using the Twitter account mostly to promote their products and to raise the product awareness to their customers. Twitter urge people to find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations they care about and Sony is using this account to provide this kind of information for their followers and to find out information about companies they are interested in. So as far as we can see, Sony is using their Twitter account in a proper way.



     Sony is also using another platform for sharing-content like videos, movies which are related to the company and the products they want to promote.

     They joined YouTube channel on the 19th of November 2009. Their account background is the same like Tweeter’s account which is definitely maintained by a professional team.

     In the left upper corner we can easily see the official logo of the company make.believe, which is basically their message to the audience. Another message is related directly to YouTube: “Watch Sony’s make.believe channel”.

     When we enter the YouTube site we see Sony Make.Believe Commercial 2012 that promotes the feeling and the thought that we can easily achieve everything we want simply by using the right gadgets produced by Sony. The commercial was launched 10 months ago and today it has got 127.954 views. 727 people really like their commercial ads. Still, there are people that are not pleased with it, fact which is shown due to the 158 “dislikes”.

     Many people use products that Sony produces, their various electronic devices and they know about them from this popular website. Nowadays they have got 8.661 subscribers and 5.505.951 video views. In our opinion it’s quite good for the company even if they don’t have a lot of comments there. We can also see that they have in general more “likes” than “dislikes” which is a good fact.

     Their account on YouTube includes links for some websites where people can find them. Here we can see a link to their official website and the other one to their Twitter account. This is a better possibility to make their site more popular.

     Except this channel, Sony has a lot of other featured channels like: Play Station which promotes products direct from Sony; Sony Pictures, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Xperia. All these channels have their own subscribers as well.

     The Featured Playlists from the left side include a lot of video related to Sony’s products. Through the publicity they are trying to get in touch with people who basically help them make Sony become better.

     To sum up, Sony is using these kind of social media platform called YouTube to offer people the information which they can especially hear and watch because this site is dedicated primarily to watching videos. In this way, they promote their products and make people aware of their unique electronic devices.



     From Sony’s website we could also go to the company’s Facebook page.

     On the first page, Sony welcomes its customers and urges them to “Experience imagination made real through the people, places, and products that give life to the Sony world”. Their logo is saying the same think: make.believe.

     The cover page catches out attention: Sony at CES. It has been shared 15 times and it has 490 likes in a period of 3 days, thing that is quite amazing for a company.

     Sony is using all the opportunities offered by Facebook to tell its visitors their story: mission, description, general information and of course other websites where they can find Sony. 

     Sony has started its activity on Facebook from 2009 and it has achieved a great success during this period of time. Now their page has 3.661.721 likes, 31.349 are talking about this and 721 were here. These numbers are very good for the Facebook page of a company.

     Through the pictures and the videos they post we can see their products and the categories of people that can use them: children, young people, middle-aged people with all kind of jobs and professions. Almost 4000 people like their photos, 105 have left a comment and 369 have already shared them.  They use these photos to promote their products and to make people aware of their existence.

     Sony is also organising events which are promoted on Facebook.  All these events are related to their products and are mostly addressed to active people who want to have fun and experience something new like Sony sessions, concerts, portrait painting with Sony VIO DUO and a lot of other interesting and useful things.

     Another thing that we found interesting about Sony is that they have a Pinterest page and that they are doing charity with the help of this page. They offer a dollar to charity for every re-pin. Sony is promoting their cameras so that people can use them taking photos and uploading them on Pinterest having fun doing things they like.

     But this is not only about promoting things. Sony has a special page on Facebook that is special designed to help their clients who need help or some answers. Here people can ask any questions about Sony’s products and a special team will answer them as soon as possible. Every occasional contributor can give an answer to the addressed question. We think that this is a very good idea to keep in touch with the customers and help them if they need.

     Sony is also learning from people’s experience which is posted on Sony stories page. Here people write about the memories they have related to Sony products. All these stories are positive and give the readers a feeling of trust of reliance on this company.

     The same positive feeling we can see through the comments and the posts people are writing on their wall or on their photos. Sony’s team is posting every day to keep people informed about what is happening in their company. Almost all of the reactions are positive. People like their products and want to know more information about the upcoming ones. The last post was 47 minutes ago, fact that shows that they are really popular.

     Another interesting thing that Sony does is making a research using Facebook about the characteristics that should have the upcoming products. Here is an example: 


     Sony is using Facebook in the best way possible. They are promoting their products, but they don’t do that in a “harsh” way. They don’t forget about Facebook’s primary goal which is to connect and share with the people in our lives. They share things, experience and keep the contact with other people who could perhaps become future customers.


     Comparing all three social media sites that we have analysed, we can say that Sony is using social media platforms not only to promote their products, but also to keep in touch with their customers. They have chosen to be more active on Facebook than on any other site because they have twice more people that are interested in their company through this social media platform. Twitter is more for promoting and arising people awareness of the products and events, while Facebook is for communication and sharing experience. They strive to take advantage of the global conversation to offer better service to their customers, to learn from their experiences and to create better products, services and a better company.