Everybody who likes football has heard about Chelsea FC. Nowadays Chelsea football team is one of the best football teams in the world and they won last year’s Champions League.

We are going to analyze how Chelsea FC uses their web page to get more supporters.

Firstly when you click on the official website you can see that there are a lot of slides. For example you can read about the club’s history and also you can read news or buy tickets for the next matches. You can also join the club and become a member or just buy something from the online shop. Last but not least you can watch online the Chelsea TV channel.

On the top of the page, in the left corner, there is the official logo of the club and on the right side you can see the two most important sponsors’ logos: Adidas and Samsung. The club is also taking care about the youngest fans that have the opportunity to play games on the website.

When you are surfing on the website you can see the social media platforms they use which are Facebook,Twitter,Google+ ,Foursquare and Blog. They have also added a chat where fans can share their ideas, feelings and opinions about any topic.

 facebook-logo   Facebook

The facebook account was created on October 2011 and has 15,044,549 who liked it. There are also 613,906 people who talk about Chelsea FC and 89,822 who reported they were there. Meaning there’s at least three categories of people, those who are just fans of the team, those who actively like it, share about it, and those who are proud and able to report when they were there. These numbers are a clear proof of how popular, active and engaging its page is.

If you often visit the Facebook page of Chelseafc you feel you are important for the team. It tries to inform you about every new and it updates the page also (changes the profile or cover image).

This platform is very important for those people who want to know better Chelsea because the company is very active on Facebook. They use it on a daily basis which means an average of 3 posts a day. They share news, pictures, videos, and organize “competitions”, sales with links. In the news we can read about transfer market, result of the matches, etc. These posts are very popular with about thousands of likes and hundreds of shares and comments. We didn’t find any official comment from the team but it is normal because fans usually congratulate the team, they don’t ask direct questions to it which can be answered by other supporters. It recommends many events which are the football matches. If you don’t want to miss out a match, it’s very useful.

You can see nearly a thousand of photographs on its page from the team and the supporters. It could be considered as too much but the photos are categorized by albums which makes it easier to search.

Chelsea FC is posting regularly with engaging content and that gets more people talk about its business with their friends. As a result, it ends up reaching more people overall. By creating content, and posting about specific events, they want to promote the team. Facebook serves them to share mainly information putting an emphasis in drawing the attention of fans to the dates of matches. The reason for this can be easily explained; this is the income.

  twitter-logo-1 Twitter

Chelsea Football club created an account (@chelseafc) on May 2009 and has been tweeting actively since then. With a number of 20,013 tweets and 745,168 followers they have been listed by 9,211 users. They just only follow 248 people (most of them football players, soccer teams or sport people) which means that they have no need to read what others tweet.

With their creative personalized Christmas background they are willing to show us that they do care about their image and that they’re making changes and updating twitter continuously.

By analyzing their tweets we see that they tweet everyday several times and 90% of their tweets include a hastag mentioning either Chelsea mostly. They also include some links referring to the other social platforms in order to redirect the user to them.

In order to get in touch with their followers they created two hastags: #AskOriol and #AskPaulo which became popular among their supporters. Using the hastag they could ask questions to Chelsea’s football players Oriol Romeu and Paulo Ferreira. They’d also created another general hastag #CFC where supporters could make some comments about the club or even ask questions to them.

All the information above leads us to answer the question: what do they use the platform for?

First of all, by their biography: “Chelsea FC’s official page, offering you the latest #CFC news and behind the scenes action from around the club” we could already tell that they use it to inform the supporters.

Secondly, they use it to redirect followers to other social platforms such as Youtube, Chelsea TV, Chelsea blog and Facebook.

Finally, it’s a channel of promotion, so they try to get closer to their supporters creating some hastags where they could ask questions either to the club or their football players and receive some feedback. They’d also given some free tickets in order to create a reciprocal relationship between them and the supporters. This prevents the supporters to get bored by only receiving information from the club and makes them feel like Chelsea cares about them.

 youtube-logo  YouTube

Chelsea Football Club has an official YouTube channel. It can be accessed via the link, or by using social media section from the club’s official website.

Chelsea’s YouTube channel was created in 2006 and has more than 17,000 subscribers and over 57 million video views.

Here everybody can watch content from Chelsea TV including; daily news updates, behind-the-scenes footage and player interviews.

There are over 200 uploaded videos that offer to visitors a fraction of the information that can be found on the site.

On this YouTube channel there is also a link to Chelsea TV and on the right is the following invitation ” Join now Chelsea TV via Sky, Online and Mobile”. This link connects the visitors with the main site where they would need to pay to have full access to all videos that are in YouTube in incomplete format. In conclusion, through this YouTube channel, Chelsea tries to create a positive self-image but especially to attract fans to buy access package for Chelsea TV.



Chelsea FC is using a lot of social media actively. Thanks for this; they currently lead what is called “social visibility competition” of English Premier League with a relative high score. That means that Chelsea uses social media effectively; they also win a lot of visibility in Google+ (68% of Chelsea’s social shares come from Google+). In contrast, the second placed is Manchester United with a 99% of social visibility which comes from facebook.

Scores are based on how often content from a website is shared, liked or tweeted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

They are using social media properly but however there is a big issue with their website. Chelsea’s website gets wrong points in SEO so this means in the future they should try to improve it.

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