I think everybody know Nesquik because it is a well-known brand. This company is a part of Nestlé multinational company. I would like to show you the website of Nesquik how to use the opportunities of social media.

Firstly when you click the website can you see that there are two part of the site. One part is for kids and the other is part for adults. In the home page you can find one social media opportunity, if you like the page you can push the like button of Face book.

 In the website for the children we can find four topics: Be Healthy, Have Some Fun, Play Games, Get downloads.  In my opinion these topics are appropriate. Because the kids interested in games with Nesquik bunny, and the website offer some outdoor playing and write a lot important thing for the childen about healthy life.  This part of the website you don’t see any kind of share options. Because in the most social networking site the younger than 13 years old kinds can’t registration.Image

 Another target of Nesquik is the adults. In this page there are three social media platform: Twitter, Face book and YouTube. These platforms are very important for the person who wants to know something about Nesquik, for example programs, new products. On Twitter there are 8, 859 followers and the Nesquik follow 2,325 users. The Nesquik is active user, it send a twit day by day why are there so many followers. The Twitter and Face book profiles of Nesquik are in harmony with Nesquik brand. The Nesquik is more active on Face book. It has 225, 156 liked and 1,254 people talk about this brand. You can see hundreds of photographs on its page. It recommends many events. The most Nesquik programs are sport events for example: ball game, half marathon. The healthy life is very important for the Nesquik. You can find this topic on its website. It offer the healthy life for the kinds and the adults and organize many sport programs, and posting on Face book. If you often visit the Face book page of Nesquik you feel you are important for the brand. It tries to inform and care for you. On the web site of Nesquik you can visit it own YouTube page. Where there is a lot of video.

In my opinion Nesquik take advantage of the opportunities provided by social media, mainly on Face book. This is shows the big number of followers and much like. It is a great advantage of Nesquik that I’ writing about a world-renowned brand.